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The Super Tweet

The Super Tweet

Twitter is ready nine years old and has a bit over 300 million monthly energetic customers. It’s a killer real-time platform. You Understand what it’s for, I Do Know what it’s for, and even most of our moms understand what it’s for.

What it will change into or, more to the purpose, contain is what none of us is aware of. But It Surely must grow. Those of us who’re hardcore users shook in our boots somewhat these days when we heard that Twitter may well be tinkering round with more Text.

What took place after that may be a good previous recreation of telephone. Imaginations ran wild:


The. Sky. Used To Be. Falling.

You see, the 140-character limit Was instituted because the service Was first estimated to be able to be in contact by the use of SMS. Texts have a 160-character restrict. This restrict Was genius looking back, because the brevity that comes with Twitter reasons people to focus on what they really Need To say, making them reduce out the junk. It’s lovely superior.

To kill off that brevity wouldn’t be an excellent transfer on Twitter’s phase. On The Other Hand…

The tweet goes to adapt. No Matter how so much us old-timers hate exchange. The Super Tweet comprises everything from photography to movies to commercials and sure… Textual Content. The One Hundred Forty-personality tweet is a container that can provide all of these larger bits of data. I mean, VR and 360-level video and maps and all types of data can be rad embedded in a tweet.

You Could exhibit a photo in a tweet, however to look the next decision version, People must click on a link. This is the same thought for Textual Content if Twitter is actually engaged on a strategy to jam more into a tweet. Write a few hundred words if you want to and simply show it in a tweet as an expanded card. Wish To write more than that? Drop in a hyperlink to a full-on blog publish.

You get the speculation.

The Tremendous Tweet will include all sorts of stuff that may be multiplied upon. Positive, I in point of fact think that polls are a bad thought, not because issues shouldn’t be hooked up to tweets, however as a result of I Think setting up polls is difficult for users to do, to that end leading to quite a few shitty polls. Will there be plenty of shitty Textual Content hooked up to tweets? Maybe, but That You Would Be Able To in fact regulate that BY WAY OF following and unfollowing whomever you love.

Getting around the 140-character restrict is easy. Embedding things is the best way to do it. It’s now not simply a typical tweet anymore. And that’s cool. So Long As we can choose to expand the content or move to a special screen to consume it, that’s effective. Folks bear in mind use Twitter, it’s no longer rocket science, there are just not enough issues to make them Wish To use it but.

I’ll handiest sound the alarms if Twitter turns into this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.20.23 PM

PS: The “tweetstorm” will never go away as a result of it’s more about getting Folks’s attention than it’s about jamming extra information into one single tweet. Forty tweets will all the time get you extra attention than one.

Featured Picture: jdhancock/Flickr UNDER A CC WITH THE AID OF 2.Zero LICENSE

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