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Grey's Anatomy's Girlfriend Shocker & More TGIT Twists and Turns

Grey's Anatomy's Girlfriend Shocker & More TGIT Twists and Turns

Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Anatomy Season 12

Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Anatomy Season 12ABC

Smartly which is gonna be one awkward dinner birthday party. 

We Need it to be subsequent Thursday kind of straight away after the end of tonight’s Gray’s Anatomy, wherein Callie’s new Female Friend Penny was printed to be…the physician who let Derek die!

We must have identified Penny would transform someone loopy important in accordance with how so much Callie wouldn’t shut up about her, however lets not have guessed in one million years just how significant she would end up being. 

After a couple of weeks of rarely mentioning Derek, Mer’s deceased husband came up quite a bit this week, from her acknowledging the fact that he first slept along with her when she was an intern to her giving a speech to the current interns about How You Can tell a person that their family member has died. 

That speech in itself made tonight’s episode stunning and unhappy, however that twist on the finish, as Callie arrived for the dinner birthday celebration Mer had roughly forgotten she was having, was once like a merciless punch to the intestine. 

We had just ultimately gotten over Derek, and now we get to cry over him once more. 

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Elsewhere in TGIT land, Scandal gave us a type of True Hollywood Story scenario as Olivia persevered to take care of the affair divulge fall-out. We now want an exact Proper Hollywood Story about Olivia, at the least on the DVD. 

Plus, Marcus Walker (Cornelius Smith Jr.) has now joined the Gladiators (fairly reluctantly), Jake (whose identify is not in reality Jake) discovered himself in #cahoots with his (shock!) ex-spouse Elise (whose name just isn’t in truth Elise). (How a lot fun did you guys simply have studying that remaining sentence?) 

Mellie, meanwhile, has now determined to formally try to impeach Fitz, which sounds like loads of enjoyable storyline we won’t look forward to. 

On Learn How To Get Away with Homicide, a teen acquired stabbed in the case-of-the-week, however that hardly mattered subsequent to the fact that Annalise’s little minions are dropping one by one. Wes is working with Nate, and this week, Connor began to rightfully be like “WTF?” about how it is a team of people surrounded through a whole lot of Murder. 

Annalise was once tremendous distracted tonight, due to Nate’s spouse confronting her from her clinic mattress, and Asher very nearly testified against Annalise to maintain from getting in bother for no matter happened at Trotter Lake, except BonBon pretended she was the one who killed Sam.

Principally, the whole lot is nuts in all places, and after a couple of somewhat quiet weeks in Shondaland, it feels like the whole lot is truly choosing up steam. 

What did you assume? Hold Forth within the comments!

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