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Rock in Rio Rocks Facebook, Instagram

Rock in Rio Rocks Facebook, Instagram


The Thirtieth anniversary of tune pageant Rock in Rio rocked Facebook and Instagram Sept. 18 through 27.

The experience—featuring more than 120 artists, together with Rihanna, Katy Perry, Queen, Metallica and Slipknot–generated Fifty Four million interactions from Sixteen million Fb customers and 41 million interactions from 10 million Instagram customers.

Fb also created a different “watching Rock in Rio” icon for status updates.

Christian Rôças, who works on leisure partnerships in Latin The Us for Fb, mentioned in a Facebook Media weblog post that the Rock in Rio Facebook page noticed moderate day by day video views increase nine occasions throughout the adventure compared with the prior week, adding that the festival’s Instagram account experienced a 37 percent upward thrust in followers.

Rôças supplied extra details on Facebook and Instagram at Rock in Rio:

Folks might subscribe to the behind the curtain experience on Facebook, too. Organizers published at the back of-the-scenes movies and photos, and other partners, like TV legitimate channel Multishow, posted some compelling video, as smartly.

To encourage the creation of unique content material, and from completely different perspectives, Rock in Rio went beyond the usual press footage and interviews, growing two digital installations backstage: a huge, blue “1 Minute Problem Clock” and a mirrored, photo sales space dubbed the “Infinity Room.”

Readers: Did any of you attend Rock in Rio?


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