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Fastrack explores 9 bizarre fetishes you didn't know about

Fastrack explores 9 bizarre fetishes you didn't know about


There’s curiosity, and there’s simply undeniable deviant. Some folks aren’t happy with a bet or an imagined answer; these other people have to move out and check out it themselves.

That’s how we think about these bizarre obsessions took place and sooner or later made it into the history books. Beneath, Fastrack gets down with the soiled deeds and not-so-fun fixations.

  1. Melolagnia = A state of sexual arousal because of song: Someplace between the tone deaf and musically bent, there’s a bunch of people who have fun with music completely another way. And for the choose few who belong to this group, chorus regularly equals climax.

  2. Music1

  3. Objectophile = An unhealthy level of attraction to an object: Of the entire issues we possess, there are however a few that really possess us. Our money is with the metal.

  4. Licking-watch2

  5. Maschalagnia = A deep fascination of armpits: Of all those deep recesses of the human body that no person discusses, the pits are without a doubt up there. Some individuals, alternatively, are happy to put out of your mind the stench and imaginable growth, focused on the bigger image. Arms within the air if you happen to agree.

  6. Tattoo2

  7. Partilism = An obsession with a selected part of the human body: We’re all about filtering out the usual in favour of the tremendously deviant. What do you do when the nether regions become all too mainstream? Settle On an unique relationship with a whole new physique Phase.

  8. Hand

  9. Mechaphilia = A carnal attraction in opposition to inanimate motor-vehicles: The Typical grease monkey hasn’t a spot on this one. Possibly it has something to do with all that uncooked power below foot or between legs. Woman on Prime of computer is the most popular place, in fact.

  10. Bike2

  11. Plushophilia = An unnatural level of appeal to stuffed animals: You shop them a spot for your bed, we’ll save them a spot on this listing. You call it weird, we’ll just name it a probably repressed childhood myth. Don’t overlook to hand them down while you’re carried out.

  12. BunnyHead2

  13. Craniophile = A deep appeal to heads and skulls: Perhaps this one is as a result of it’s the one cavity you’ll by no means have the ability to absolutely occupy.

  14. Doll2

  15. Liquidophilia = The uncontrollable need to immerse one’s personal elements in water: It explains the fun in the back of hot tubs, heated swimming pools and pruny fingers. Our bet is this is one club that you would be able to definitely count yourself into.

  16. Pool

  17. Oculolinctus = Gratification felt at licking every other individual’s eyeball: Certain, tears are salty, but what about the Source? Give it a attempt to let us know will you?

  18. Eye-Licking2

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