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Christina Milian Shares Domestic Violence Story on CMTU: ''He Literally Put a Bullet in the Gun and He Pointed it at My Face''

Christina Milian Shares Domestic Violence Story on CMTU: ''He Literally Put a Bullet in the Gun and He Pointed it at My Face''

CMTU, 206

CMTU, 206E!

Christina Milian spread out A Few previous abusive on Tuesday’s Christina Milian Became Up.

On the episode, the 34-yr-previous talked A Couple Of new app she’s concerned with called Stop Assault, which helps folks in abusive relationships record the violence they are experiencing.

While discussing this project, Christina published that she is a Home violence survivor and shared her story.

To Find out what Christina needed to say Within The Christina Milian Grew To Become Up recap beneath and notice 5 different surprising moments you missed on the episode!

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1.Christina and Snoop Dogg Film “Like Me” Tune Video:

Christina and Snoop Dogg get together to Film the Music video for their song “Like Me.” In The clip above, you can see Christina and Snoop Dogg working it for the cameras. Christina additionally talks about how “amazing” it is to have Listen In On the music and to have him Within The video.

Test It Out!

2. Dom Asks Lizzy’s Dad Permission to Marry Her:

Lizzy’s dad Don is on the town and Dom takes the opportunity to speak to him about marrying Lizzy. Dom tells Don how much he loves Lizzy and asks permission to advise to her.

“Do I’ve your permission to suggest to your daughter?” Dom asks.

“No,” Don says after which laughs! “I Am kidding, you’ve gotten my permission.” Aw!

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CMTU, 206E!

3. Danielle Has Being Pregnant Pains While Filming an Infomercial:

Danielle and Lizzy are capturing a hair product infomercial when Danielle starts to have pains in her stomach. She’s no longer due for two months, so the Ache starts to worry everyone.

“I Have Never  had Ache like this,” Danielle says.

“Is it just like the higher part of the abdomen? The Whole belly? Inform me,” Danielle’s Mother Carmen Milian says.

“It Is just It Is starting on my left side and It Can Be just radiating Ache,” Danielle says.

Danielle goes on to say, “This Is scary, everything is on the road at the moment. I’ve a job on the road and a baby in danger. I can’t be having contractions presently.”

Danielle decides to leisure and feels smartly sufficient to proceed with the shoot after about Quarter-hour.

CMTU, 206E!

Four. Christina Talks to Her Mother About A Former Abusive Relationship:

Christina and Carmen start talking about Stop Attack, an emergency assault app which Christina helps to promote. She’s actually doing a photograph marketing campaign the place you write down what you want stopped on the earth and post it on social media with the #StopAttackChallenge.

While discussing the app, Christina remembers being in an abusive relationship.

“I thought of even whilst you be aware of I was in that abusive relationship back Within The day,” Christina says.

“I remember that he instilled that worry in you that in the event you left him he would harm us and because of that you stayed in it,” Carmen says. “But wish to the purpose the place you already know you almost misplaced your lifestyles.”

Carmen goes on to assert, “You had bruises and also you have been masking them up at all times.”

Chritina’s Mom breaks down crying and tells her, “It used to be the hardest thing to head thru used to be watching you… It Is been so long due to the fact that I thought of it.”

The 2 then speak about how this relationship affected their lives and Christina admits that this app and this project has been a “healing course of.”

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CMTU, 206E!

5. Christina Opens Up To a Journalist About Her Abusive Earlier:

Christina sits down with journalist and author and Home violence survivor Tanya Williams to talk about her Previous abusive relationship. Tanya asks Christina to explain what her lifestyles used to be like on the time of the connection.

“So I used to be 17 going into 18 and that i met a boy and he had this sarcasm about him that I just concept was once super humorous,” Christina explains. “But that sarcasm Turned out to be one thing just a little bit extra dark than I anticipated and i had no concept what I was once getting myself into.”

Christina then talks about how he began to get in her head.

“When You Are in an abusive relationship, You’re preventing on your existence every day,” Christina says. “It Can Be no longer just one moment.”

Christina goes on to claim, “I remember being that girl in the course of the fuel station looking to call September 11 or call my Mother and he is bought me by my head and by way of my hair and he is pulling me back and There May Be folks simply looking at and they do not know what to do. And all you want to hope for is that someone will save you. But at the comparable time, you don’t know how to save yourself.”

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Christina then recollects how her ex played “real Russian roulette” and describes how he put a bullet in a gun and put it to her head.

“He Actually put a bullet In The gun and pointed it at my face,” Christina explains. “Staring down the barrel of a gun is the scariest thing you’ll want to ever expertise. It’s no longer humorous, It Can Be now not for the films. There Is a possibility of life or dying in a single click on, that’s it.”

Christina tells Tanya that she got out of the relationship when her Mother Carmen sold her a ticket to big apple and she was in a position to vanish for a bit and not name him.

“I woke up at some point and realized that my Family used to be simply looking to help me,” Christina says. “And gave myself the courage and the potential to not call him and invite him back into my life.”

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CMTU, 206E!

6. Richard and Dom Meet Up To Talk After Their Argument:

Lizzy asks Dom to fulfill with Richard after they’d an argument on the golf direction. Dom is of the same opinion and meets up with Richard to see if he’ll say sorry.

Once They males meet up, Richard is not prepared to ask for forgiveness.

“I’m cool with what I said,” Richard tells Dom.

“You Are cool with what you mentioned?” Dom asks.

“Absolutely,” Richard says.

Richard goes on to say, “What I said to you on the golf route was once actual, that s—t in fact took place, which is the issue, that’s what You’re no longer getting thru your f—ing head.”

Richard then accuses Dom of not taking care of his Domestic back in France, which Dom denies.

The Two begin arguing and Dom walks out of the restaurant. When Richard walks out of doors, Dom is there and so they argue all over again before Richard walks away and leaves.

Watch an all-new episode of Christina Milian Grew To Become Up subsequent Tuesday at 10PM, handiest on E!

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