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Could the New Version of Google Glass Be Intended for Your Workplace?


By The Use Of FCC Filing

Even If it has not formally been introduced, a contemporary Filing with the Federal Communications Commission has basically proven that Google is working on a brand new Version of Google Glass, the innovative/annoying piece of wearable tech that you put on like a pair of glasses.

The earlier Model, the “Explorer Variation,” was once clearly a rough variation that, while well liked by a undeniable form of first-adopter tech-head, ended up ceasing manufacturing and principally going again to the planning stage. Now, Via the FCC Filing, we are able to get a look at the revamp.

The tool is now thicker, and less fragile looking than the original edition, which was once mainly just a tiny laptop they stuck on some wires so it could take a seat in your face properly. Moreover, Consistent With a number of completely different experiences, it includes a larger display prism (solving some of the complaints concerning the original version) and a hinge to regulate for remedy.

Additionally, the brand new Model boasts extra computing power with an Intel Atom processor, can have an extended battery lifestyles, has a greater wireless Conversation machine, and is frequently so much inexpensive than the unique Model, with its $1,500 price ticket, was. Additionally It Is water resistant.

Via FCC Submitting

Most interestingly is that this Model of Google Glass is named the “Endeavor Version,” and businesses could be the precise market and demographic that Google is hoping will buy the brand new Model. In Step With 9to5Google, hundreds of unites of the software had been dispensed to partners in the Glass for Work application, and that these partners are already designing software for his or her explicit use.

This Is A canny technique on Google’s section. As An Alternative of releasing it to the general public and hoping it catches on, which gave the impression to be the plan for the unique Model of the tool, having companies use it as a instrument Could make it quintessential for some, and lead to a marketplace for the instrument with actual economic demand, which would spur more innovation and perhaps lead to a new earnings move for the corporate.

In Fact, except Google in fact makes some sort of announcement, various this is just guesswork and hypothesis. However, taking into account that almost all the huge tech corporations are shifting forward with both an augmented or virtual reality undertaking, we is not shocked that Google is still trying to get their Version of it off the bottom.

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