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Meet the activists risking their lives to tell the truth about ISIS

Meet the activists risking their lives to tell the truth about ISIS

One Of The Vital first things the Islamic State militants did after taking pictures the town of Raqqa in Syria early closing 12 months was once paint the town black. Once the canvas for colourful murals, walls and monuments have been coated with the black flag of the extremists.

Darkness additional descended as ISIS commenced fighting folks from moving freely inside and out of the city, and communicating with the outside world. With time, their slick propaganda movies became the only view of Raqqa.

But Regardless Of threats and brutal executions, one group of young activists refuse to be cowed. The staff, often called Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, continues to point out the sector what existence underneath ISIS domination is really like, Using social media to share pictures, videos, and news from the city.

“We get death threats day-to-day,” stated Abdalaziz al-Hamza, a smooth-spoken 24-12 months-outdated, who, with two other contributors of the team, just lately visited the U.S. for the primary time. In a lengthy interview, he and Another member of the group named Hussam al-Issa spoke with Mashable in regards to the perils of exposing the brutality of ISIS.

“Everyone have bought death threats from ISIS But we notion At Least some of us should express our faces, to indicate the arena we in fact are from Raqqa,” mentioned Hamza.

Committee To Protect Journalists Holds Annual Int'l Press Freedom Awards

Al Hamza speaks At The Committee to offer protection to Journalists’ Global Press Freedom Awards On The Waldorf Astoria on Nov. 24, 2015 in NY city

Within The spring remaining yr, ISIS caught One Of The Most staff’s founding members, Moataz Billah, and publicly executed him in Raqqa. Using his phone, the militants mass messaged the crew by the use of Fb and threatened to hunt them down and kill them.

The Daddy of Every Other member of the workforce was killed in Raqqa in July this year, seemingly on account of his son’s work.

Then, in October, ISIS militants beheaded two different activists in a border city in Turkey.

Regardless Of threats and intimidation, the contributors who hare all between the a long time of 18 and 27, nonetheless number greater than a dozen individuals within Raqqa who acquire information. Some Other ten people Out Of Doors the city — together with Hamza and Issa who now live in Germany — share the information on social networks.

Those Within The city send news, videos and photos by way of smartphones to These Outside the town, The Usage Of an app that encrypts messages and deletes the content material straight away from the sender’s software. (They refused to call the app or present anymore details.) The crew Outside town then posts the fabric to social networks, on money owed followed Via hundreds of journalists and other observers.

“We Aren’t professional journalists, We’re citizen journalists, and our English is not just right,” mentioned Hamza. “But We Are looking to do our best.”

In contemporary weeks, the team has been awarded two Global awards for their work — the clicking Freedom award from the Committee to give protection to Journalists and International Coverage’s One Hundred Prime International Thinkers.

“It way so much to us,” mentioned Hamza. “As A Minimum we know that — finally the work and all the Risk and all we’ve misplaced — there are some individuals on this world who now understand.”

From Assad to ISIS

As Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad began cracking down on peaceable protests across the usa in 2011, a handful of young males began documenting the violence happening in Raqqa, posting the images and video on social networks.

“They have been focused on folks with warplanes, with tanks, with bombs,” stated Issa. “We needed to work to point out the arena what happens in Syria.”

At The time, Hamza was once studying biochemistry at university However he put his studies on grasp.

“They didn’t permit any media organizations to quilt The Situation there. So The Location compelled us to be activists — to cover what was in reality going down on the bottom,” mentioned Hamza.

For a quick duration Within The spring of 2013, moderate rebels from the Free Syrian Military held Raqqa before ISIS militants captured it and imposed their extremist model of Islam.

“The Syrian regime was announcing ‘We’ve a democratic u . s ..'” Then, ISIS came, “saying ‘We Are genuine Islam and the proper caliphate,'” mentioned Issa. “Each of them are liars.”

By Means Of January 2014, ISIS had taken full regulate of Raqqa. The militants staged difficult military parades and public executions on town streets, and compelled civilians to submit to their brutal rule — or face death.

The activists saw how ISIS used to be strangling town and determined they wanted to counter the propaganda the extremists have been already turning out.

“Should You needed to grasp anything else about Raqqa, you possibly can find handiest ISIS supplies,” mentioned Hamza. However “we began to show the reality of ISIS and what They Are doing.”

The Placement in Raqqa has endured to aggravate because the staff declared the town the capital of their self-described ‘caliphate’ and International opponents have poured in to receive coaching and battle for the extremists.

A contemporary bombing campaign By Way Of a world coalition targeting ISIS has further devastated town and made life even more unbearable for the civilians nonetheless trapped within Raqqa.

Combating an ideology

“Our function will not be most effective to supply the information. Our main function is to struggle the ideology of ISIS,” said Hamza.

Throughout The city, the workforce tries to struggle ISIS via graffiti and poster campaigns and By producing a satirical journal that makes enjoyable of the extremists.

“Something to show that there is a resistance Inside The metropolis,” says Hamza.

Outside the town, the workforce has become One Of The Crucial few remaining dependable sources of data from Raqqa for journalists and others.

“We’re Using the identical weapon that ISIS is The Usage Of to spread their ideology. They Are The Use Of social media, and We Are Using social media,” stated al Hamza. “They’re sharing propaganda, and We Are showing reality, that’s the difference.”

As A Result Of few civilians throughout the city have dependable web connections, the team publishes a paper magazine referred to as Dabea, a play on the title of ISIS’ personal propaganda journal Dabiq. The journal duvet even seems similar to Dabiq.

“When our journalists spread it Within The city, the civilians Think it is an ISIS magazine,” stated Hamza. “Then after they open it, they are going to see our articles and our anti-ISIS message. We Are seeking to send out a message with this journal.”

Risking their lives for the truth

“Our drawback is not only with ISIS,” says Hamza. “If someone defeats ISIS the next day or subsequent month, the issue can be with the following technology As A Result Of they have unfold their ideology to the civilians and the kids.”

Although several participants of the group have fled to Europe, some stay in Syria or Turkey. But even Europe, it seems, is now not Outside the attain of ISIS.

“We don’t recognize who will be the subsequent one, perhaps me, possibly him,” said Hamza as he pointed across the table to Issa. “However I told all my colleagues, ‘please, if I Am the subsequent one, don’t cease this work.’ And They instructed me the identical thing.”

Hamza, however, is set to carry on the work.

“We Now Have two choices: Both [we’ll] succeed and we are going to stop. Or, in the event that they kill All People, then we are going to cease.”

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