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Setting Up TV Ads With Facebook Ads (Study)

Setting Up TV Ads With Facebook Ads (Study)


How do shoppers respond to television Ads that they have already considered, either on Fb or on TELEVISION?

Fb IQ commissioned a Study Via neuromarketing agency Neuro-Perception to respond to these questions.

Neuro-Perception divided a gaggle of One Hundred U.S. Facebook users between the ages of 21 and Fifty Four into two groups. One crew watched a TELEVISION express with Advertisements on the first day, whereas the other browsed their Facebook News Feeds. On the 2d day, both teams watched the identical Ads Right Through a TELEVISION show.


Facebook IQ supplied extra small print on the Learn About:

Right Through the check, Members in each and every crew wore EEG caps that measured responses correlated with real conduct from completely different parts of their brains. Neuro-Insight was in a position to measure their responses towards neural metrics manner/withdrawal—the mind’s response to certain and terrible emotion—and three key neural metrics that were the point of interest of our Study:

  • Engagement, a trademark of how concerned people are.
  • Emotional intensity, a measure of the energy of emotion being experienced.
  • Memory encoding, the rate at which the brain is storing the current experience in regards to the Model into lengthy-term Reminiscence, the place it may be recalled various minutes later. This metric is recorded for the left brain as Reminiscence encoding element and for the proper brain as Reminiscence encoding global.


Neuro-Insight discovered that Individuals who had been primed with the TV advert carried out under the 50th percentile for Memory encoding, and had been more more likely to make purchase selections after viewing the advert on day two.

Meanwhile, Individuals who have been primed with the ad on Facebook scored above average for Reminiscence encoding, with the Facebook advert appearing as a teaser, just like a movie trailer.

Neuro-Perception also used two different types of Advertisements Throughout testing: video Advertisements at first produced for TELEVISION, and video Commercials that were optimized for Fb, with the latter shorter in length and together with branding early on. Facebook IQ described its findings:

We analyzed the peak branding moments for each and every video advert when viewed on TV on day two. When Participants had been primed with the optimized movies on Facebook, Neuro-Insight found that these optimized Ads were extra strongly associated with the logo than the repurposed television commercials, producing the greatest trade within the Reminiscence encoding metric. The strong branding in the optimized video Ads was ready to extend the brand impact of the later advert publicity when seen on some other screen. Members were extra more likely to see these branded moments as they browsed via their Fb News Feed once they were offered early in the inventive. Branded moments induced an improved response when the Members noticed the entire Commercials on TV on day two.


Eventually, Fb IQ equipped the next bullet factors for marketers:

  • Strengthen influence across monitor: Multiscreening has made it vital for marketers to remember how best possible to coordinate their messaging throughout channels. We noticed Within our analysis that move-channel promoting was once a extremely effective strategy for priming. With The Aid Of running a Facebook advert then a TELEVISION ad, entrepreneurs can lend a hand elevate the impression of their marketing campaign throughout displays.
  • Maximize Mobile’s enchantment: Cell is a compelling merchandising platform for entrepreneurs. In in the past published neuromarketing research commissioned With The Aid Of Fb, we found that, general, people have been more attentive and tended to feel extra positively towards data presented on a smartphone than on a TV. Within this Learn About, pass-channel campaigns first primed with Facebook Advertisements on Cell outperformed TELEVISION-best campaigns, showcasing the good thing about together with Cellular in a campaign plan.
  • Design with the monitor in mind: When designing video inventive, entrepreneurs will have to bear in mind of where that inventive shall be viewed. Boost ingenious for Cellular that continues the essence of an authentic TV advert With The Aid Of the use of short clips or imagery from the important thing Brand moments of a TV ad—this could additionally help high individuals for the entire TV ad. If the TV ad options related vignettes, marketers could use each vignette as a separate digital asset, growing Mobile teasers that link to the overall marketing campaign and in a roundabout way tell a cohesive story across screens.

Readers: What did you recall to mind the results of this Study?

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