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This is what Google Glass 2.0 looks like

This is what Google Glass 2.0 looks like

Google’s Now Not finished with Google Glass just but. We eventually have our first look at what the rebooted augmented fact glasses will seem like. Spoiler alert: No Longer very different.

The Primary images of Google Glass 2.0 have appeared on-line courtesy of paperwork posted to the Federal Communications Commission website online.

The augmented reality glasses shown within the images are reportedly for the Google Glass “Undertaking Adaptation,” the rebooted model of Glass being worked on By Way Of Tony Fadell and his team.

Whereas The Original Google Glass “Explorer Edition” was aimed toward consumers, the Explorer Model is designed to lend a hand within the place of job. As prior to now pronounced, the brand new model of Google Glass has a larger glass prism, a faster Intel Atom processor, 5GHz Wi-Fi for more bandwidth-intensive duties equivalent to video streaming, and a extra rugged and waterproof design.


Image: FCC/Mashable Composite

Seem sparsely and you can additionally see there may be a foldable hinge The Place the length of the wearable meets the glass prism. The hinge will have to make Google Glass more uncomplicated to stow away in a pocket; the one method to retailer the old model used to be to make use of the integrated arduous/mushy case.

Exceedingly missing is any kind of wireframe to keep the wearable from falling off your face. A patent granted to Google on Nov. 24 displays a an identical wireframe-free version of glass with a wavy versatile design, even supposing it can be uncertain if they’re the same factor, or if that design is for the rumored “recreation” edition.

According To 9to5Google, hundreds of participants in the “Glass for Work” program are testing the software in the container, even though Google has yet to formally announce the product.

Important Points are scant, however one thing we’re praying would not return with the next model of Google Glass is a excessive price ticket. The Unique Google Glass sold for $1,500 a pop. Whereas that was supposedly a “developer” product, Google sooner or later made it on hand to everybody, and it used to be far too pricey for the general public to even imagine purchasing.

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Image: Mashable, Nina Frazier Hansen

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