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A bloody war is coming to 'The 100' — and we are so ready

A bloody war is coming to 'The 100' — and we are so ready

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the conclusion to The 100‘s Season 3 two-Section most beneficial.

Things are going to get bloody on The One Hundred.

An Army marches. A queen-commander surveys her legions from the torn-open peak of a crumbling skyscraper. Conflict drums. Kidnapped royalty. Torched treaties. The Grounders are going to Struggle.

The tail end of Season 2 teased at one of the vital divisions isolating the 12 Clans, in particular the rift between our excellent chums of the Woods Clan and the mysterious Ice Nation. It’s the Ice Nation that marches in “Wanheda: Section Two,” presumably to wipe Commander Lexa and her Folks from the forests once and for all.

This construction represents an incredible shift for a convey that has largely focused inward, on human survival, via its first two seasons. Now that the Sky Persons Are settled, “Arkadia” is built and that pesky genocide industry with the Mountain Men is out of the best way, the amassed people of The A Hundred can all get back to doing what groups of individuals with differing views appear to be very best at: killing the crap out of one another.

The promise of bloodshed is all that you could ask for on a convey like this — well, that and the delivery of mentioned bloodshed — particularly when It Can Be liberally graced with shocking twists. Season 3 is off to a excellent begin in that regard, particularly with the wayward Prince Roan, son of the Ice Nation queen, Luna — whom we haven’t met but, mind — and apparent traitor to the crown.

After pulling the captured Clarke around by way of a rope and performing just like the rando bounty hunter we’re led to consider he is for most of the episode, Roan presentations up on Lexa’s doorstep with a present-wrapped “Wanheda” and an enchantment to sign up for the Woods Clan. Lexa straight away IDs the prince nopes him out to a penal complex cell, most likely to come back as a shaky ally in a future episode, and turns to alleviation the nonetheless-bound Clarke.

“I Am sorry. But It Surely needed to be this way. We had to make sure Wanheda didn’t fall into the fingers of the Ice Queen,” she says.

Clarke is no longer amused.

The 100 - pissed Clarke

Do Not overlook, we learned In The final episode that Clarke’s all-round badass-ery has gotten her elevated to Wanheda — the Commander of Dying — status among the many Grounders. The quite a lot of clans consider that taking any person’s lifestyles also will get you their candy, sweet power, and operating around with a title like “Commander of Loss Of Life” (say that slowly and provides it a excellent assume) almost definitely manner you have got received quite a lot of energy.

We still do not know why the Ice Nation is marching at the moment, of all instances, but with Queen Luna already out to say Wanheda for herself it looks as if Clarke is going to be caught sq. in the middle of a Grounder Floor War. After the sharp, bloody turn the latter 1/2 of Season 2 took, The One Hundred is already baring its teeth for a tough Season Three.

A Few Things to consider for subsequent week:

  • In The house of two episodes, Jaha has gone from creepy meditation freak to creepy techno drug vendor to creepy Messiah advanced-bearer. Where will he creep to subsequent? More importantly, what’s in point of fact happening along with his complete “I Will shop humanity” trade? He says that like some shifty self-lend a hand guru, but with a vague trace of mass murder in his eyes.

  • What Will the Sky Folks’s resolution to open up Mount Climate imply for his or her strained members of the family with the Grounders? Will the nuclear bunker-became-torture-chamber-grew to become-mass grave not directly be used to (sorry about this, actually) Climate the coming Battle?

  • Eventually, what’s Lincoln’s hyperlink to Luna? Remember: we realized her name means again Within The first season when Lincoln tried to help Clarke to find security from a opposed Woods Clan. Lincoln and Luna have some more or less historical past, but that is all we know. Between Octavia, Roan and the looming War, the probabilities for Where this connection may go are endless.

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