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How We Transformed Harvard Medical School’s Brand on Instagram

How We Transformed Harvard Medical School’s Brand on Instagram

When I started at Harvard Medical Faculty roughly a 12 months in the past, Instagram was once hardly a priority, and understandably so: due to the fact hyperlinks can’t be incorporated in captions, it is tricky for entrepreneurs to measure “laborious metrics” like internet site visitors on Instagram.

But The extra time I spent at Harvard Clinical School, the more I Began to understand the opportunity Instagram offered to inform our story visually and beef up our Model equity.

During The Last year, we’ve gone from posting sporadically to posting consistently and strategically. This shift has created improbable growth on an increasingly influential channel and with an more and more influential demographic.


Our final goal on Instagram is to create a compelling and top quality visible Id that aligns with the HMS Brand to construct a deeper connection with current and new audiences. With this goal in thoughts, we made up our minds to additional intention to create a consistent and sustained Model worth over time to bolster our recognition with audiences.

To reach these goals, we first needed to set up our Brand Identity and visible technique—and then implement it. Here’s how we did it in five steps.

Step 1: Organising Identity

When creating the HMS Instagram visible technique, we first had to figure out our Brand values and attributes.

We set out to answer three Main questions to decide our values:

  • Who Are we?
  • What makes us us?
  • What makes us stand out?

HMS_Brand_ValuesThen we had to hone our Model attributes and choose 5 Main traits: inspirational, influential, obtainable, Genuine, and serious.

HMS_Brand_AttributesCollectively, our Brand values and attributes formed our Model voice and formed the story we are looking to inform on Instagram.

The 2 also embody our mission remark, which is “to create and nurture a various neighborhood of one of the best folks dedicated to management in alleviating human suffering due to disease.”

How we make the most of these components when picking images is to All The Time ask two questions:

  1. What does a picture say and what is the story it tells?
  2. Do the answers fit within our price and attributes?

Step 2: Maintaining Authenticity

A key to ensuring our Model Id is efficacious is to Handle authenticity, which means that staying genuine to our Identity and story. Our dependent worth and attributes turned into a filter to run all of our chosen pictures thru to preserve authenticity.

HMS_Instagram_2Beyond staying genuine to our Id, two elements we utilize to Take Care Of authenticity are consumer-generated content material (UGC) and embracing imperfections.

The Usage Of UGC — as long as it suits within our Brand parameters — is a great way of Organising authenticity, whereas imperfections in pictures make images more relatable. We don’t prioritize these kind of photographs over fine quality images, However they lend a hand add a human contact to our account and provide a steadiness between different varieties of photos.

Moreover, UGC gives a possibility for us to engage with our group and raise HMS’s general presence on Instagram.

Step Three: Growing Relevancy

HMS_White_CoatsTo create relevancy with our target market, we attempt to align our visible Identity with how individuals in our target market see themselves or wish to see themselves — consciously or subconsciously — while staying genuine to our attributes.

This Implies we try to use pictures and messages that individuals can Establish with that symbolize their best selves, their rules, and/or the goals they wish to succeed in.

Step Four: Evoking Emotion

When choosing pictures, we search for ones that show emotion or can make an emotional reference to our viewers to drive engagement and make the HMS visible story more compelling.

NRB_NightWe’ve found that top-of-the-line pictures use subtlety to demonstrate emotion and tap into in style human experiences. We Glance to utilize quite a few Brand attributes and feelings to indicate the depth of experiences that exist at HMS .

Step 5: Building Consistency

The closing piece that we follow to the HMS Instagram account is consistency.

HMS_Instagram_ProfileA Person must be able to be mindful our values, Identification, and story just by scrolling via our account (or without phrases).

That Is something I confer with as the “coffee desk guide means.” Not handiest is there a consistency in our story, But we additionally make certain our images have a similar appear and feel.

For Instance, we most effective choose from four completely different filters, and we centered a photo enhancing course of to create an identifiable HMS model.

Beyond the photo fashion, we additionally Handle a consistent put up timing and frequency, in order that our audiences recognize what to expect from HMS and also can start to search for our content primarily based upon this rhythm. However, in some way, this consistency is about Maintaining quality and steadiness, because of this considering of how images work Collectively as a set and Now Not as unrelated, one-off posts.

Extra Takeaways

Here Are every other pointers I’ve picked up alongside the way:

  1. The Usage Of popular hashtags along with Organising your individual hashtag is a good way to get people to look your posts and observe your account.
  2. Always check completely different elements. See what is Growing essentially the most engagement, and try new things. This course of will assist inform your technique — and will also result in you to rethink your Brand or audience.
  3. Establish what rivals and revolutionary manufacturers are doing smartly, and replicate what may be efficient for your Brand.
  4. Be beautiful. At The finish of the day, Instagram is ready sharing stunning pictures — do no matter which you could to get the very best photography that you can.

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