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The big fat Indian wedding: Through the iPhone lens of an award winning photographer

The big fat Indian wedding: Through the iPhone lens of an award winning photographer

“There are no unique methods for pictures. If I offer you a Jimi Hendrix guitar, you won’t be capable of play like him. It’s Not in regards to the tools,” says award-winning photographer Sephi Bergerson, who took on a problem to shoot an Indian Wedding totally on his iPhone 6s Plus.

Marriage Ceremony images happened accidentally for Bergerson. He began Taking Pictures weddings “out of sheer curiosity,” which was once adopted by using a contract to photograph Indian weddings for a e book, In The Back Of the Indian Veil.

“What fascinates me about Indian weddings that it’s all the time completely different. There’s nothing — now not a thread or a section of cloth that is the related. Each Wedding Ceremony has its own rituals,” says the Israeli transplant who moved to India 14 years in the past and has settled down in Goa.

Capturing a wedding on his iPhone was once a long-pending dream for the Goa-based photographer but the larger challenge was to discover a couple that will let him do it. The Issue, in step with Bergerson, is not about the technical superiority of a DSLR But in regards to the misplaced perception about now not coming across as a certified except you might have pricey gear. He finally found a pair that took a jump of faith and let him shoot together with his iPhone.

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“The Marriage was most probably the largest I’ve ever photographed, which occurred in Udaipur in Rajasthan over three days,” Bergerson says.

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“I keep telling my clients that It Is Not about who was on the Wedding Ceremony But the way you felt at that second. When You have a look at them afterward you should be able to relive the sensation,” Bergerson says. “What I Admire concerning the iPhone is it helps me get a lot nearer to the subject and have eye contact. With DSLR, the digicam comes between me and the topic.”

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The Talk about smartphone cameras versus a DSLR isn’t a new one, with smartphone makers leaving no stone unturned to prove how excellent their cameras are by way of declaring the megapixel depend, optical picture stabilization, the more than one lens array and even the sensor dimension. However Bergerson believes that debate is futile.

“The iPhone is not going to replace the DLSR but it surely offers a fully new medium of images. The kind of photography that come out are someplace between documentary or photograph journalism and what I’d call fine artwork, nearer to artwork,” he says.

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Shooting with a smartphone still has its challenges, particularly underneath low mild when he struggled with the ISO restrict on the iPhone. Shooting movement photographs on the dance floor, for instance, additionally proved to be not easy. But what intrigues him probably the most are all the submit-production options to be had right away on the smartphone.

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“There Are So Many filters and modifying choices. It offers quick gratification, very like the Polaroids of the 70’s,” Bergerson exclaims.

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Taking Pictures a marriage with an iPhone is not a one-off project for Bergerson. Up next is his natural world pictures guide, iKenya, which he has utterly shot and edited on the iPhone.

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