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These illustrations perfectly sum up the reality of living with anxiety and depression

These illustrations perfectly sum up the reality of living with anxiety and depression

Illustrator Gemma Correll has used humour to capture the everyday truth of residing with nervousness.

Picture: Gemma Correll

LONDON — Somebody who suffers from anxiousness will be aware of that the condition is far from a laugh. However British illustrator Gemma Correll has created comical illustrations to help her deal with the everyday struggles of living with clinical nervousness and despair.

She’s not alone: 6.4 million Britons will undergo from a disabling anxiety disorder for the duration of their lives, while despair impacts an estimated 350 million individuals global.

Correll — a graduate of the Norwich Faculty of Art and Design — penned the comedian-e-book fashion illustrations to lift awareness of the situation and to motivate folks to talk extra freely concerning the condition.


“The illustrations were all impressed Via my very own anxieties and neuroticisms,” Correll advised Mashable. “I endure from medical nervousness and melancholy and that i to find that one of the simplest ways to take care of it’s to find humour in it.”

“I in truth assume that humour generally is a saviour now and then of distress or, should you simply live with a continuing level of hysteria and melancholy like I do,” she persisted.

Correll’s comics also discover what it is prefer to be an introvert.


Together With the worries that many ladies face on a daily basis.


And the troubles of brand new lifestyles as a girl…


Correll hopes that her illustrations will help to interrupt down the stigmas surrounding nervousness and despair.

“I do suppose that individuals must speak extra freely about anxiousness – no longer most effective the roughly nervousness where you might have butterflies in your abdomen earlier than an examination, or feeling nervous a couple of celebration, but the kind of anxiety that truly impacts your existence and choices,” Correll stated.


“I Feel that it can be much more widespread than folks have an understanding of. I Do Know that I Might have felt somewhat higher as an anxiety-ridden youngster if I knew that I wasn’t totally alone in my fears.”

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