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(Un)folding a virtual journey with Google Cardboard

(Un)folding a virtual journey with Google Cardboard

A yr and a half in the past we presented Google Cardboard, a simple cardboard viewer that anyone can use to expertise cellular Virtual Fact (VR). With just Cardboard and the smartphone on your pocket, you can travel to far off places and talk over with imagined worlds. Considering That then everybody from droid lovers and Sunday model subscribers, to special youngsters and grandmas have been ready to experience VR—often for the very first time. Here Is a look at the place we’re, 19 months in:

1. 5 million Cardboard lovers have joined the fold.

2. In just the past two months (October-December), you launched into 10 million more immersive app experiences:

Three. Out of 1,000+ Cardboard apps on Google Play, one of your favorites acquired you screaming “aaaaaaahwsome,” whereas another “gave you goosebumps.”

Four. You teleported to places in all places, right from the alleviation of YouTube.

5. Considering The Fact That we launched Cardboard Digital Camera in December, you’ve captured greater than 750,000 VR pictures, letting you relive your favorite moments every time, from anywhere.

6. Students all over the world have taken VR container trips to the White House, the Republic of Congo, and One Hundred Fifty different locations around the globe with Expeditions.

Whilst You’ve been traveling the sector and beyond with Cardboard, we’ve been on a experience, too. Keep your eyes peeled for more tasks that deliver inventive, wonderful and educational experiences to cellular VR.


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