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Twitter Plans Changes To @Replies And Other Confusing Rules

Twitter Plans Changes To @Replies And Other Confusing Rules

Twitter can be an incredibly Confusing carrier for brand new and current Users, and Twitter says it’s now planning to address some Ideas that might make it unwieldy.

In The firm’s letter to shareholders, Twitter stated that Changes had been coming to Ideas just like the @reply and the .@title syntax. We don’t understand what that appears like just but, but that the company plans to address that seems significant and in-line with what the company has tried to do today — make the service much less Confusing and more palatable to more casual and new Customers.

“We Now Have some in reality weird Principles around conversations, round replies and .@identify format that no person understands. We need to fix that,” CEO Jack Dorsey stated on the revenue call. “We’re focusing numerous our vitality on refining the core product and having a look at what is Complicated about the service.”

Here’s what it says In The shareholder letter:

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.45.21 PM

This, in theory, will as a minimum handle the “Twitter Canoe” downside — as increasingly individuals pile into a conversation, their @reply handles take up characters so each and every individual’s reply has be shorter and shorter unless it’s principally not possible to bring complex concept.

Many suppose that @names shouldn’t take up character counts in replies. If Twitter made this alteration, people would at all times have A Hundred And Forty characters to use in their dialogue regardless of how many individuals are part of the thread.

Twitter Canoe

As more individuals join an @ reply thread, their handles absorb more of the A Hundred And Forty persona limit unless individuals can handiest add tiny responses

Similarly, it’s common to peer less-savvy Twitter Customers by chance begin tweets with anyone’s @name. This makes the tweet a reply that best displays up to their mutual followers with the people they talked about. Users have to know to put a . or totally different character other than @ in the beginning of their tweet to verify it goes out to all their followers. Twitter could supply some obvious visible indication to folks about whether or not they’re about to put up a tweet or a reply.

Twitter said its fourth-quarter revenue nowadays the place consumer increase was flat, and apart from SMS fast followers user boom, core Twitter in reality fell. That Implies Twitter has to do whatever it may well to make it more straightforward for brand new Users to consider so it can revitalize increase.

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