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Facebook’s digital glossary patent reveals Web-slang version of the Urban Dictionary

Facebook’s digital glossary patent reveals Web-slang version of the Urban Dictionary

Fb has been granted a patent for “social word list” instrument that scans its platform for rising phrases and slang.

It Can Be uncertain at this stage whether or not the glossary might be made to be had to most of the people or its customers. However, Fb account holders are important to the tool, so that you can search via posts and messages on the net web site to are seeking newly coined phrases and expressions, or neologisms for individuals who make a selection.

within the patent, Fb states that the instrument will be looking for “slang, phrases of paintings, portmanteaus, syllabic abbreviations, abbreviations, acronyms, names, nicknames, re-purposed phrases or phrases, or another kind of coined word or phrase.”

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there are plenty of digital definitions which have emerged from the net, prior to being extensively utilized in reference to it –‘troll,’ ‘noob,’ or ‘digital detox’ being only some examples. As for standard portmanteaus (phrase mixtures), those embody ‘staycation,’ ‘hacktivism,’ and ‘listicle.’

The thesaurus will primarily try and accumulate rising Web slang that is no longer however widely in use, on the other hand is also on the cusp of becoming popularized. it’ll also are searching for to exchange itself via eliminating phrases that fall out of type.

even if it seems like Facebook’s try at developing its own City Dictionary, the social network itself isn’t giving so much away in regard to its plans for the device. One idea talked about within the patent submitting is that it may be used for an higher predictive textual content application, experiences Industry Insider.

Fb describes a scenario the place the time period “rickrolled” (when somebody bombards you with clips of the Rick Astley observe certainly not Gonna give you Up) is identified through its word list. Its device will spot the time period as it spreads and acquire completely completely different examples of its use.

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