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The People v. O.J. Simpson Puts the Spotlight on Marcia Clark and Chris Darden: Were They Ever Together?

The People v. O.J. Simpson Puts the Spotlight on Marcia Clark and Chris Darden: Were They Ever Together?

Marcia Clark took middle stage in tonight’s Folks v. O.J. Simpson, but no longer in a good way.

Or at least not in an effective way for Marcia Clark. For us, it was once nice, as a result of Sarah Paulson is a treasure, nevertheless it used to be hard to look at Marcia maintain the media’s sexist assaults on her appearance and demeanor. She tried to get a haircut and tabloids tore her aside. She even tried to buy tampons, and the cashier feared for the security beneath the control of a menstruating woman. On The comparable time, her ex-husband was once criticizing her for not being there sufficient for her youngsters. 

Whereas the whole world was Marcia’s biggest and meanest critic, fellow security legal professional Chris Darden (Sterling Ok. Brown) was at all times be there to back her up. 

As their working relationship grows closer, so do questions on their private relationship: Did they date in real existence? 

In The video above, Kristin Dos Santos requested Sarah Paulson and Sterling Okay. Brown their ideas on the actual-life relationship of their characters. 

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People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story

People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime StoryFX

“Mr. Darden will attest to himself,” Brown tells E! News. “I understand that in an interview he did on Oprah, he mentioned that Marcia Clark is a unprecedented lady, so I undoubtedly assume he was once attracted to her, and no longer just her physical being, however like her intellect, her spirit, etc.” 

Paulson, on the other hand, wasn’t actually fascinated by speculating. 

“My take may not be as vital as what the facts are, and on the grounds that some of it’s in point of fact unknown to us, we’re not giving the whole breadth of what we consider to be true,” she says. “Taking Part In it used to be very simple with Sterling, he’s so lovely and available and wonderful and so just right.” 

Whereas Clark and Darden never formally dated, it was clear that they’d an affection for every other. In Line With Darden’s e book In Contempt, they did spend the occasional evening consuming and listening to R&B, and he did remedy her when she felt like she used to be in over her head. 

Darden’s book additionally integrated this gorgeous bit of perception: “As spring melted into summer, I Started to wonder what may occur far from the flash of tabloid photographers and tv cameras. The glare from the individuals who wanted to understand if we Were Together could have been one of the crucial issues that ultimately stored us aside.” 

Even now, we simply watched an episode highlighting Marcia’s unfair portrayal Within The media and all we can wonder about is whether or not she and her coworker Had Been dating. 

The People v. O.J. Simpson airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 

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