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Twitter aims to boost its visibility by switching from ‘Social Networking’ to ‘News’ on the App Store

Twitter aims to boost its visibility by switching from ‘Social Networking’ to ‘News’ on the App Store

Following but every other quarter of gradual user increase, Twitter has modified how its flagship mobile software is classified on Apple’s iTunes App Retailer. As An Alternative of competing towards Fb, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and others within the crowded “Social networking” class, where Twitter had prior to now ranked in the top 10, The Company has moved its app to the “News” class, where it’s now #1.

The change has a two-fold effect. For starters, Twitter has been constantly ranked as a #5 software in Social Networking over the past several months – which is indubitably nothing to be glum about – however rating as the #1 app in a category might be higher in terms of App Store visibility.

As customers arrange new iPhones for the primary time by visiting more than a few app classes, they’re likely to take a primary ranked utility into heightened consideration.

Extra importantly, changing into a number one ranked app may doubtlessly impact Twitter’s “General” ranking, which might supply it higher visibility in the App Retailer’s prime “Free” apps chart where Twitter is #28.

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The move additionally puts Twitter’s app in entrance of a different type of target market – those people who are looking for easier tips on how to keep up with News on their cellular device, moderately than those who need to use every other social Network. That Could also boost downloads…or as a minimum Twitter hopes.

The Company has not commented publicly on the alternate right now, nor has it made a similar move on Google Play. As of the time of writing, the Twitter app on Google Play continues to rank within the “Social” class.

It’s worth declaring that non-traditional News applications do smartly on the App Store’s “News” class, ceaselessly even topping these from mainstream publishers just like the WSJ, NEW YORK Times, NPR, and others.

As An Instance, Reddit’s newly launched iOS software is at present quantity two in Information, simply in the back of Twitter. Flipboard’s social magazine app is #Thirteen. And the class is simple for inexperienced persons to break into with a just right ranking, as smartly – simply see the brand new CNN Politics app (#3) or theSkimm’s first native mobile effort (#5), for example.

Twitter’s change comes at a time when The Corporate’s user increase has effectively flatlined. Even Supposing it grew a bit of to reach 310 million monthly energetic users this past quarter, that’s barely an increase from the 305 million in This Autumn 2015.

Meanwhile, none of its prior efforts to revamp its product have apparently paid off, including adjustments to how tweets are sorted in customers’ timelines, the addition of polls, changing “favorites” to “likes,” and even the launch of a brand new product called “Moments,” which makes an attempt to summarize the best of Twitter in a separate tab.

This latter Characteristic may be probably the most related with reference to Twitter’s new App Retailer category, as its focus is on curating the Information that breaks on Twitter in a very simple-to-Follow structure.


Consistent With 0.33-celebration app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, Twitter made its category change the day past. The agency says Twitter must simply care for its prime ranking ahead of Reddit and CNN for the time being, while before it had been at the back of Messenger, Facebook and others in the Social Networking class.

That being mentioned, it’ll take the time to see if this change in technique will in fact have an effect on Twitter’s Total ranking. For now, it has not. That Means, at the least on this transient period of time, Twitter’s downloads have stayed the same regardless of the switch.

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