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How Insurance Companies Can Use Social Media [Podcast]


Using social media in a highly regulated and conventional industry like Insurance Coverage comes with it can be own set of unique challenges. I recently spoke to Keith Lewis of Zurich Insurance Coverage within the UK to learn the way they’re facing these and the use of LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to inform stories to their target audience.

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What are some of the challenges that Zurich faces with social media?

“We’re a highly regulated area and completely different rules apply to completely different parts of the business that we operate – we at all times have to be very conscious about that when we’re operating within the house. However It’s primarily round the actual promoting of Insurance. So in my thoughts, I divvy what we do into two brackets; We’re obviously there to sell merchandise around all the various things that we have now already pointed out, But we’re also there to talk about Zurich as an organization in the UK. We’ve received 22 locations here, we’ve obtained 5,500 individuals who work across all sectors.

So we use social rather a lot to tell the Zurich story – or begin to inform the Zurich story – about how we operate in our local environments. As A Result Of, After All, as an immense company, we’ve received all the overall issues you could predict us to do. However People don’t necessarily affiliate Insurance with things like that. So we’ve got a tremendous neighborhood belief, all our employees do two or three days of charity work at the least a 12 months. We do our local engagement around our completely different sites. We do plenty of various things, that’s all a part of telling the Zurich story, in reality.”

What are your social media goals?

“In Fact, we need to force trade worth from it, and so I take form of Andrew Grill‘s definition from IBM of social industry, and of social media. So creating networks and building collaborations to tell the tales, But It Surely has to power a value. So into telling the story, we’ve received to make sure that Folks see us as in all probability an organisation of option or any individual they wish to work with, or in reality recognizing that we do all of the issues that I’ve mentioned. But In Addition we’ve got to try and be sure that people are mindful that your reasonable consumer or trade proprietor or executive is aware about the importance that Insurance has.

Insurance Coverage, god it’s dull isn’t it?” Frankly it is, it’s not the type of glamorous product that you simply’d naturally related to social media. We don’t if truth be told have a product that individuals have in their houses. We used to have an Insurance Coverage certificate, at the moment that’s simply digital. People very hardly get eager about their renewal premiums coming in. So we’ve got to search out methods, attention-grabbing methods, of explaining what we do and the worth that we provide to whatever it’s that the buyer needs.”

How do you go about generating a narrative telling tradition throughout the industry?

“It’s a part of the thing we’ve no longer in point of fact performed very smartly at prior to now and we’re now recognizing that, perhaps that I’ve come into the role helps do that. To kind of free Folks up. We’re very much, we’re very conservative organization and the structure and culture of the group has been like that for years, as you’d are expecting most likely from a posh regulated world. That we’re inherently worried about allowing Individuals to speak out loud. But now with social, the arena has changed. Social has absolutely shifted that.

Now we’re reversing that, all these decades of culture that we’ve had and adjusted, trying to exchange that. So a part of my position is to get out across all our UK offices, to give Individuals permission in reality. They thought for a variety of years they weren’t allowed to talk about Zurich and discuss the entire good stuff that we do. And Even the true small stuff that we take with no consideration in sharing some of that content material. But we’ve now acquired it written into our, what we name Zurich Fundamentals, which is our world type of behavioral framework. Zurich Fundamentals tells, makes it explicitly clear that all our employees can function in a social media environment about work related matters. If They chose not to, that’s superb.”

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