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Khloe Kardashian Says Rob Is ''Out of My House'' After Catching Him With Blac Chyna on KUWTK: ''You've Burned Your Last Bridge''


Rob Kardashian failed to physically make his return to keeping up With the Kardashians on Sunday But He’s already causing major drama!

On the episode, Khloe Kardashian published that she “walked in on” Rob with Blac Chyna at her House, someone who has “bad historical past” with the Kardashians. Shortly after catching Rob with Blac Chyna, Khloe mentioned that Rob is “out of my House” and “moved in with I Guess his Female Friend Blac Chyna.”

However Khloe isn’t the only member of the family who’s having drama with Rob, Kendall Jenner is simply too. When she finds out that Rob re-gifted her iPad to Blac Chyna, she screams at him over the cellphone.

Need To see what else took place on the episode?

Check Out the recap to see the 12 most stunning moments from the KUWTK season 12 top-quality!

1. Kim Kardashian Says Having Two Kids Is ”So Arduous”:

“Two months ago I gave beginning to my son Saint,” Kim Kardashian says on the episode. “He’s probably the most gorgeous boy I’ve ever viewed, However I’m Now Not gonna lie adore it is so Hard. My mother used to all the time say, ‘One is one, two is 20.’ and i in point of fact do feel that way.”

While spending time with Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, Kim says, “Being a mother is so tiring, Don’t you settle Kourtney?”

She then falls asleep on the couch and Kourtney says, “That Is why Kim and Kanye are Collectively guys As A Result Of they go to sleep at the drop of the dime.”

2. Khloe & Kris Jenner Assist set up Lamar Odom’s New Home:

Khloe is doing everything She Will Be Able To to Help Lamar Odom recuperate and she even units him up with a new Home. Lamar remains to be within the hospital, so earlier than He Is discharged Khloe and Kris Jenner meet with an interior fashion designer to Assist set up the house.

“A Lot has came about prior to now few months,” Khloe says. “Lamar’s recovery has been nothing in need of a miracle. I received instructed on Tuesday that he will be discharged this Friday. I Am very blessed and more than happy but it’s just horrible timing As A Result Of I’ve a whole ny press commute That’s been deliberate for a long time now and I Think like I’ve to get him into a new Home ahead of I Go to big apple.”

Considering The Fact That Khloe has to depart, Kris has the same opinion to Assist her get the home ready.

“If somebody may get this job executed it’s for sure my mother,” Khloe says.

3. Scott Disick Reveals He Doesn’t Desire A Lady Friend:

Khloe visits Scott Disick‘s new Home and he Offers her a tour. Whereas showing her the house, Khloe admires probably the most closets.

“What a pleasant closet, that is absolutely good,” she tells Scott. “Then you are gonna discover a Woman who’s going to take over your closets.”

“What does that imply?” Scott asks. “I do not need a Lady Friend.”

“Every Time, in 80 years,” she says.

“Ew, I Am Now Not interested by that to be trustworthy,” he responds.

He then says, “Kourtney will at all times be an enormous motivation in my lifestyles, I imply no matter whether or not we’re Collectively or Now Not, she Nonetheless was with me for 10 years and You Understand we have now been via various things Collectively.”

Despite The Fact That Khloe says that Scott’s Home has a “serene” view the place “you get the outside so you never feel depressed,” Scott says he “Nonetheless depressed.”

“How are you depressed?” Khloe asks.

“As A Result Of I’m single and that i live here by myself,” Scott says. “I fell in love with the house that I Am in unless I in fact moved in and realized that it’s approach manner way too large for a single someone residing on my own. You Recognize I’m positive lots of people want these have been their problems, but it surely’s a drop lonely residing by myself in a massive Home.”

4. Khloe Finds She Walked in on Rob & Blac Chyna at Her House:

While Khloe’s visiting Scott she tells him that she “walked in on” Rob with Blac Chyna at her House.

“Do you want to hear the craziest story?” Khloe asks Scott. “Rob used to be asking what time would I be dwelling and that i obtained house Half-hour past than the time that I informed him I was once coming house. So I walked in on him with Blac Chyna at my House, there used to be alcohol far and wide, He Is having the time of his lifestyles. I don’t need this s–t, Do Not you dare make me feel uncomfortable in my own home.”

Khloe then says, “I Don’t in point of fact care who Rob dates However having Chyna over at my House with out my information is disrespectful, why can’t he be sincere with me and be in contact? As A Result Of Robert knows Chyna’s Tyga’s ex-Lady Friend and that i just do not want that drama in my private area.”

After catching him with Blac Chyna Khloe instructed Rob, “You Will Have burned your Remaining bridge.”

5. Scott Says He Nonetheless Loves Kourtney:

Kourtney and Scott are not Together, However Scott says that he Nonetheless loves her.

On the episode Scott says, “You Know in the back of my mind, Kourtney’s at all times there. So all I Can do is hope someday things fall into place and I’d have the ability to lift my Children along with her. However You Recognize at the end of the day I Nonetheless love Kourtney and that is the reason what’s essential to me and it always will be.”

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom

Kevin Mazur/Getty Pictures for Yeezy Season Three

6. Khloe Faces questions about Her Future With Lamar All Through Her Press Tour:

Khloe is on her guide tour in NYC and he or she retains getting Asked about her relationship with Lamar.

“It Is in reality, really Onerous being away from Lamar,” Khloe says. “All I Am serious about is, ‘Is Lamar OK? Is he consuming on the right instances? Is he being taken care of?’ But I’ve to get it Together, I’m in the big apple for my press tour and it is gonna be crazy, I Have so many places lined up and I’ve to check out and just focus.”

After her interview with Howard Stern, Khloe Reveals it made her “so fearful” as a result of the “Lamar questions.”

“Clearly I Know I Have to speak about it, However I Am Now Not one to speak about that stuff,” Khloe says. “I Don’t like speaking about somebody else. Which Is for them to speak about.”

She then says, “Howard and everybody else nowadays retains asking me about my relationship with Lamar and, ‘How am I doing? Am I Back Together?’ And like I just…I don’t know, it’s only a really troublesome thing to answer. I Really Like Lamar and we’ve got been via So Much However There May Be So Much more that needs to be resolved. There May Be a variety of damage and things that need to be fastened. I don’t know, I’m figuring out where I in reality am presently.”

7. Khloe Receives “Insane, Aggressive Texts” From Caitlyn Jenner:

All Over her interview with Howard Stern, Khloe mentioned Caitlyn Jenner, which Caitlyn failed to respond well to. After the interview, Khloe began receiving “insane, aggressive” texts from Caitlyn. So Khloe calls Kris to inform her what’s going down.

“I Wished to call you to inform you about these texts I bought from Caitlyn,” Khloe tells Kris. “She was once like, ‘What took place to domestic sticking Collectively?'”

She then explains, “I Am on this new york press go back and forth and i’m getting insane, aggressive texts from Caitlyn. It All stems from my Howard Stern interview, However I stated nothing inappropriate, I mentioned nothing that used to be new knowledge, the whole thing has been mentioned ahead of.”

Khloe tells Kris she instructed Caitlyn, “You slaughtered my mother and you have the nerve to assert, ‘What came about to domestic sticking Together?’ I mentioned, ‘You jumped that ship as soon as you did Diane Sawyer and you love attacked my mother!’ As A Substitute tells me to ‘get a existence’ and to ‘shut up’ and all this. I Am like, ‘You Close Up up and also you get a f–king lifestyles.'”

She then asks Kris if She Will Be Able To “deal with this” and Kris tells her she will.

Khloe says, “If Caitlyn were to in fact hearken to my interview she would know that nothing bad or harmful was once said.”

She then tells Kris, “She Will Be Able To tell me to f–K off all she Wants, I would not have a relationship along with her, I’m completed.”

8. Kris Cries All Over Argument With Caitlyn Over Khloe:

After Khloe tells Kris about Caitlyn’s texts, Kris calls Caitlyn to look what’s happening.

“I Am just a bit concerned, like what is going on on with Khloe?” Kris asks.

“She’s in the market talking s–t about me,” Caitlyn tells Kris. “I don’t want her talking about me, ADEQUATE? You Don’t go on f–king Howard Stern, call me a liar.”

“She was once doing interviews and I Do Not assume really she thought of the truth that you would come up,” Kris says.

“Then say, ‘I Don’t speak about that, Caitlyn’s doing nice, I’ve never considered her happier, next question,'” Caitlyn tells Kris.

Caitlyn then asks Kris, “Why does she even discuss it? Do Not convey it up!”

“What do you suppose I mentioned to you about Self-importance Honest? You f–king say something nice or Do Not say anything at all,” Kris says.

“Nothing used to be mentioned that used to be awful in that Vanity Fair article,” Caitlyn responds.

“All you said was poor s–t, so now you know the way I Think!” Kris says as she starts to cry. “This Isn’t intentional, you’re making this like so Arduous.”

The 2 go from side to side and Caitlyn then says if Khloe, “Wants to call me and speak about it I Will frivolously speak about it, ADEQUATE?”

9. Kendall Screams at Rob When He Provides Her iPad to Blac Chyna:

When Kendall finds out via social media that Rob re-gifted her iPad to Blac Chyna, she calls him and asks for it Again. Watch the video above to see Kendall and Rob’s heated argument!

10. Kourtney Is “No Longer Taking A Look to Get Again Collectively” With Scott:

On the episode, Kourtney and Kris Lend A Hand Scott pick out objects for his kitchen. But just because Kourtney’s willing to Lend A Hand him, it doesn’t mean she Wants to get Back Collectively. Check Out the clip above to look what Kourtney says about her relationship with Scott!

Eleven. Khloe Unearths That Rob Is ”Out of My House”:

Whereas at dinner, Khloe tells her family that Rob is “out of my House.”

“That’s awful,” Kris responds. “We have to be a little bit more understanding, which you could’t simply decide…”

“No we simply have to prevent babying him and step Back,” Kim tells Kris.

“Robert have left the premises at my Home and moved in with I Assume his Female Friend Blac Chyna,” Khloe Unearths. “I don’t know the place they stay, I don’t know what they…I do not know anything.”

Kylie Jenner then says that Rob, “Requested Stone if his House continues to be for sale, right subsequent door to Chyna’s. He’s seeking to buy the home next door to her.”

When Kris tries to defend Rob, Khloe tells her she “higher No Longer” be buying Rob’s down cost As A Result Of “he Does Not deserve it.”

See what happens when the ladies demand Kris cease buying Rob’s House in the clip above!

12. Scott Goes Missing:

The Kardashians are supposed to move over to Scott’s House for dinner However Kourtney Reveals He Is “gone Lacking.”

“We had been alleged to have a nice household dinner along with Scott, However He’s long past Lacking,” Kourtney Reveals. “You Realize There May Be surely occasions when he’ll take a couple of steps ahead after which a number of steps backwards and it’s identical to this cycle that has been occurring for years and that’s the reason why I ultimately had to step out of it.”

Watch the season 12 most efficient of keeping up With the Kardashians Sunday at 9 p.m., most effective on E!

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