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Chance the Rapper does the impossible and brings back Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets



It pains us to thank a model for anything, so we will be able to instead thank Chance the Rapper, whose tweet about Wendy’s loved Spicy Chicken Nuggets has (more than likely) resulted in their return to the menu.

On Saturday, Likelihood included the nuggets in a “certain affirmations” tweet. “I’ll have a excellent day nowadays, I Will be successful lately, Wendy’s WILL deliver back spicy nuggets someday please please Lord let or not it’s these days,” he wrote.

The initial response from Wendy’s was disappointing: “It will not be lately, however there’s all the time a chance.” Later, though, the emblem got here through with a promise. If the below tweet bought 2 million likes, they’d deliver again the nuggets, which have been phased out in 2017. Read More…

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