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How the ‘x’ became a sign of female solidarity in the age of harassment



One letter of the alphabet has More foreign money than all of the others mixed. That letter is “x”. 

Not Like in arithmetic, the value of “x” is legendary in the generation of web messagingThat “x” is most regularly used to deliver a kiss when affixed to the tip of a textual content, DM, or email. 

And in an generation when Women are met with hostility and vitriol on the internet, this tiny, inconsequential letter can be utilized to be in contact team spirit and enhance during particularly dark occasions.

There was a time after I idea the addition of an “x” from strangers and skilled neighbors relatively disingenuous. Those days are long past, though. After a bout of deeply vicious On-line harassment, I realised kindness on the internet was something that’s in all too brief a supply. This profoundly isolating experience made me utterly trade my mind about how I felt about receiving “digital kisses” from strangers Online.  Learn More…

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