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Please enjoy a wide selection of riffs on Keanu Reeves’s name



Twitter is a bad situation to do a lot of things, like “have a pleasant conversation” and “not get confused.” However It is still a good location to make corny jokes, especially if they are about Keanu Reeves.

In The Past few days, folks have started tweeting out all types of riffs on Keanu’s identify, which is easy to do as a result of “Reeves” rhymes (and almost rhymes) with quite a lot of phrases. It’s the newest meme to arise from his well-deserved resurgence in web Culture, and it almost certainly will not be the remaining. The “Keanu strolling to song” meme is in reality hard to beat, although.

Anyway, here are a bunch of Keanu Reeves jokes. Enjoy them! Learn Extra…

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