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Here’s why everyone’s talking about ‘Christian Girl Autumn’



Are you wondering why, in the full warmth of Summer Season, you could have considered so many tweets roasting a Standard Of Living blogger’s fall outfit? Or the phrase “Christian Girl Autumn?” 

No, it can be not because Starbucks is releasing the Pumpkin Spice Latte early this year, despite the fact that that announcement did ship fall skyrocketing to the highest of my specific lizard brain. This meme cycle originates with the prolific tweeter @lasagnabby, who tweeted a photo of Way Of Life blogger Caitlin Covington on Friday with the caption “Hot Lady Summer is coming to an finish, get ready for Christian Woman Autumn.”

Sizzling Girl Summer Season is coming to an end, prepare for Christian Woman Autumn ???????? p.c.twitter.com/yuqyt6YTex

— gio (@lasagnabby) August 9, 2019 Learn More…

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