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Mr. B the enormous cat has found a new home



BeeJay (or Mr. B), the 26-pound cat who captured our hearts earlier this month, has acquired the two most important things for a cat in 2019: a forever home and an Instagram account.

After a careful selection process by Morris Animal Refuge, the Philadelphia shelter where Mr. B was up for adoption, the large and good boy has officially moved into his new house. He seems to be enjoying himself. In fact, he was spotted chasing a fleck of light in his new bathtub, which is a vital part of the acclimation process.

Jumping into #LaborDayWeekend with an adorable Mr. B. update! Here he is chasing the light in his new home. But aren’t we all, in a way? More news: he has his own Instagram account! Follow Mr. B. at https://t.co/rWERqOrZfJpic.twitter.com/9sY4vj7DAH

— Morris Animal Refuge (@MorrisAnimal) August 31, 2019 Read more…

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