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Sorrow-scopes is the perfect Twitter astrologer if you want to get roasted



Most horoscopes are vaguely encouraging, or as a minimum thematically veiled enough to make it look like your existence will, at minimal, be somewhat GOOD ENOUGH. But When the recognition of astrology Twitter account Sorrow-scopes is any indication, on occasion we just want our astrology content to break us.

Fortunately, Sorrow-scopes will most likely make you snigger, too. The account, which has over Eighty,000 followers, features comically pessimistic, insulting horoscopes with a heavy focus on doom. As in: Your dangerous persona traits aren’t fixable. The universe is just not eager about caring for you. The World is ending. The Longer Term might be dangerous. The account’s bio: “Issues are horrific.” Learn More…

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