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Study reveals what we all knew: Posting on social media while on drugs is a bad idea



In The Event You take Medicine after which Publish on social media, there is an exceptional likelihood you’ll regret it later. 

That Is according to standard experience, in addition to a new Find Out About by means of researchers at the Center for Drug Use and HIV/HCV Research (CDUHR) at NYU. 

The researchers surveyed 872 adults coming into electronic dance tune events in New York city (sure, researchers basically partied in NYC for this Find Out About), who reported current or previous drug use. Amongst these, 34.3 % posted on social media while excessive on Medicine, and more than a fifth (21.4 p.c) regretted it later. 

Every Other process you must no longer be doing while excessive on Medicine is looking or texting any individual, with the regret price being even higher, at 30.5 %. And, according to the Study, you should certainly try to steer clear of being in images whereas excessive, as 32.7 % of those surveyed regretted it later.  Read More…

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