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Multi-level marketing schemes are scams. Here’s how to avoid them.



It’s Cheat Week at Mashable. Join us as we take a look at how liars, scammers, grifters, and everyday people take advantage of life’s little loopholes in order to get ahead.

Like gender reveal parties and painfully public engagements, seeing multi-level marketing scams pop up on your feed has become a social media milestone. At some point, you’re sure to scroll past pink and blue balloons, watch vertical videos of couples shrieking at Disneyland, and receive the dreaded “Hey girl!” message from a high school acquaintance you haven’t spoken to in years. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission notes three hallmarks of a pyramid scheme: There’s heavy emphasis on recruitment, a promise of high rewards in little time, and an insistence that the participant can quit their day job to “work from home.”  Read more…

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