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These iPhone 13/Pro concept renders give us our best look yet at Apple’s next iPhones

These iPhone 13/Pro concept renders give us our best look yet at Apple’s next iPhones

The first one is also the most superficial and relates to how iPhones are identified by the public. With smartphones in general becoming harder to differentiate each year, looking at the rear camera is one of the quickest ways to tell who has the latest model and who’s rocking an older iPhone.

Implementing a diagonal camera setup on the iPhone 13 means that customers will easily know who’s using the latest model and who’s stuck on the


The second theory is a bit more technical. Last year, Apple implemented a larger camera sensor on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and rumor has it that the tech will trickle down to Apple’s smaller (and cheaper) models this September.

To avoid increasing the overall size of the iPhone 13’s camera bump and ensure backward compatibility with iPhone 12 cases and accessories, perhaps Apple is switching to a diagonal layout to create more room for each sensor.

As for the front of the iPhone 13, the latest leaks and reports suggest Apple is planning a smaller notch that’ll feature a reduced width but retain the current height. It’s achieved by moving the earpiece to the edge of the frame.

A smaller notch is expected on the iPhone 13 Pro

Joining the standard iPhone 13 this fall will be the iPhone 13 Pro, visualized in the concept render below and set to be one of the best phones of 2021. This model probably won’t differ too much from the iPhone 12 Pro, hence the strong similarities.

The biggest visual difference is to be expected on the front where, like the iPhone 13, Apple is expected to implement a more compact notch that contains the selfie camera and Face ID system.

Speaking of Face ID, it’s believed the security system won’t be alone this year. Sitting beneath the iPhone 13’s 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display should be an under-screen Touch ID setup.

Back to the visual differences, there’s a chance the rear camera bump and sensors could be larger. This isn’t appreciated in the renders below, but it’s again related to Apple implementing its current 12 Pro Max camera tech on the other models.

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