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5 Periscope Celebrities to Watch (Literally)

5 Periscope Celebrities to Watch (Literally)


Periscope is a reside-circulation video app that many are predicting will disrupt the information trade as bizarre citizens are given the ability to broadcast live from their telephones from at any place they are. The Primary time I logged on, for example, I clicked on a video feed that took me straight to a protest taking place on the Brooklyn Bridge — about two miles from my condominium, but it was like I was once there.


In any other experience, Periscope and different are living-circulate apps like Meerkat have given birth to a new content experience that puts are living leisure in the foreground. In two months already, micro celebrities have cropped up on the app and won regular followings of users who tune in each day to peer what they’re as much as. It’s like fact TELEVISION, however a bit of extra real. Plus, an added function is that comments from viewers flow up on screen for the host to display and resolution proper there after which.

Right Here’s a round-up of some Periscope celebrities to look at:


  1. Amanda Oleander – She used to be among the many first of Periscope’s personalities to make waves in higher circles when New York Journal wrote about her in a glamorous unfold. She’s E! Online’s artist/illustrator and is famous for offering a novice’s guide to existence in LA stuffed with quirky excursions of the city, punctuated through her sweet, geeky chortle. For a customary publish, see her invite a random stranger to play golf together with her in her local grocery store.

  2. Chris Hadfield – He’s an astronaut who once despatched viral videos from the World Area Station. Now he’s Periscoping from Earth, satisfied to reply to all and any questions about House and the sector of science. Or show off what’s new in Canada, his dwelling u . s ., nowadays.

  3. Ellen Degeneres – It may well be cheating to depend an important TV megastar, but Ellen Degeneres is a good Periscoper. Her spontaneous model of joy (take into account, in fact, the dancing) interprets smartly to the app, where she provides backstage tours of her express, and provides fans a view of the stage during her monologue. Ellen Vision!

  4. BradmanTV – He’s a blue-haired comedian who pronounces his walks thru New York city. He seems to roam around the metropolis searching for what’s new – RedNoseDay cropping up in Herald Square, breezy walks thru Valuable Park. If Amanda Oleander is the guide to LA, then perhaps Bradman is NEW YORK’s city scout.

  5. Katja Glieson – As she describes herself, “An Aussie in La-La Land,” Glieson is a singer whose feed is stuffed with reside renditions of songs her fans request. Hear her sing “finally” by Etta James or greet everyone as she will get prepared to move to a meeting

Whether mundane, wacky, or wild, Periscope and its other reside-circulation broadcast cousins are altering the way that content creators interact with their followers. When You choose to undertake Periscope in your social industry, suppose reside. And do something random!

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