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79-yr-old widow ask for support on Facebook!

79-yr-old widow ask for support on Facebook!

A 79-12 months-old widow has gathered strengthen of over 2,400 followers from India and out of the country on a social networking website online for her prison combat in opposition to Maharashtra police officials over her “illegal arrest”.

Mohini Kamwani, along along with her 58-yr-old son Dilip, were looking for beef up on social networking web site Facebook, claiming they have been illegally arrested through police ultimate 12 months.

The Mummy-son duo had been arrested on January 25 final 12 months for threatening to commit suicide on Republic Day to protest in opposition to alleged police state of being inactive over a property dispute.

“My son and that i were demanding action in opposition to sure police officers who had been harassing us. Seeing inaction and being helpless, we had written to authorities that we would commit suicide. Following which police had arrested us and we were put in penitentiary on a local court’s order,” Mohini said.

She claimed that no criminal process was followed ahead of arresting them.

“No girls police officer was once current when I was arrested with my son. We had been bundled into the van without a regard to my age. For which, we moved a legal writ petition in Mumbai excessive court in Could last year. The case is being heard through the courtroom,” she said.

Mohini updates all information associated to the court complaints on Fb. “I Think unhappy that a wife of a freedom fighter is being handled like this,” she stated.

There Is A team of lawyers who assist Kamwanis of their prison battle, stated Barbara, an Australian social activist working in India.

Source: PTI




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  15. My facebook isn’t in my twitter connections, I already tried that.

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