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90 percent of people use Facebook to spy on their ex: Research

90 percent of people use Facebook to spy on their ex: Research

It’s Not mistaken to say that nowadays Fb has develop into necessary part of our lifestyle. It has created one of these strong communication bridge that it has brought pals, fanatics, and international locations closer. It has grow to be a powerful instrument to create consciousness, friendship and love.  However the whole thing has professional and cons comparable is with Fb a contemporary study discovered that nearly 90 per cent of individuals use Facebook to spy on their ex female friend or boyfriend.


88 % have confessed in a survey conducted by means of a website that they use Fb to undercover agent on their ex fans .  In Step With the website online of the College of Western Ontario in Canada they accept that after the breakup they are attempting to search out out more about their ex fans and Fb assist them to reach their targets.

It’s viewed that even after deleting their very own account they used to regulate their lover profile via their pals Fb account.  To keep watch over their ex lovers account 70% of individuals use their chums Facebook account.  This Research is conducted on 107 women and men  of 18 years and whose relationship is damaged throughout the final 12 Months. One 1/3 of the students have been from Western countries.

Sixty Four per cent admitted that they re-learn their previous messages to ex boyfriend or girlfriend and have tried to seek out new meaning in them. Or deleted their old  messages and photographs posted on the wall .




12 Comments to “90 percent of people use Facebook to spy on their ex: Research”

  1. My ex girlfriend broke up with me after months of dating, but unfortunately, she didn’t give me the respect of actually being faithful. I did everything for this girl and she treats me like that by cheating on me with 6 different guys behind my back. Instead of destroying her car and making her life a living hell, I just want to listen to some music that’ll help me get over her. Any ideas?
    I’m also a big rock fan

  2. what can i get my ex girlfriend for christmas. we have only recently split up, we have a 7 month year old daughter together. i want to get back with her but shes so down and says she doesnt no if she wants to try again. any ideas what i can get her?

  3. Hotshot t // April 22, 2013 at 13:08 // Reply

    All three know what our past was…!! But still I can’t behave normally with her…I hesitate to talk with her..n i don’t want to break my relationship with my best friend…so how can you manage relations, when your ex girlfriend is your best friends current girlfriend?

  4. What is the most effective way to get your ex girlfriend back from current boyfriend?

  5. The Dark Knight // May 22, 2013 at 18:06 // Reply

    Is this a common phenomena today – women playing the field as long as they’re attractive, and then just as they’re beginning to lose their looks, finding some guy to put a ring on their fingers, and to give them a house, and financial stability?

    Also, what do you feel for the guys who they eventually settle down with having had many, many ex-lovers?

  6. Ryan Dunn // May 23, 2013 at 19:15 // Reply

    Curious to know if an abuser quickly moves on, if his ex girlfriend did not give into his pleading and begging to stay in the relationship. Also, if he wanted to marry her, though they dated for a short period. As all along he proclaimed that he loved her.
    Would he have forgotten his ex and moved on?
    The reason for the break up is of course his horrible behaviour.
    Pearl and Happy-2 the reason I ask, is because its difficult for the victim to forget the abuse and one is extra cautious to move on.

  7. Caltel T // May 26, 2013 at 09:26 // Reply

    Recently my ex girlfriend and I went away for the weekend. We slept in the same bed but no sex. Kinda weird, just friends stuff, so it sucked. But she wanted to go to a strip club with me. But there really aren’t any downtown where we were. I really want to get back with her, but what does this mean? She never suggested that while we were dating for over 3 years.

  8. Jonathan // May 28, 2013 at 02:49 // Reply

    Currently dating someone who has a crazy ex girlfriend she constantly calls rides past my bf house and work and sends her family members into my place of work to run their mouth. I am really close to just beating her up but she doesnt come directly at me or say anything directly to me. i dont want to lose my job but I am fed up!!!
    Honestly i just want her to get a life and leave us alone. thats what i mean by get rid of..she is definately not worth my time , my job, or my relationship..but i am only human and i can only take so much.

  9. Xavier Hawthorne // May 31, 2013 at 13:38 // Reply

    My ex-girlfriend keeps showing up at my home and work unannounced. She even committed breaking and entering on my home. What do I do to get her under control and away from me while still trying to maintain distant communication with her?

  10. my new girlfriend doesnt want my ex girlfriend texting me. how can i tell her to stop without being so mean?

  11. Con Orpe // June 5, 2013 at 04:46 // Reply

    How Do I tell my ex girlfriend that I want to get back with her but not in a strait up way, something different?

  12. Which he really love so much. . . But he didn’t marry his ex-girlfriend for trust situation. . .
    I mean the lady cheated him when they’re together.

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