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Amazon Instant Video app for iPad, iPhone and iTunes

Amazon Instant Video app for iPad, iPhone and iTunes

Amazon has now delivered a local Amazon Quick Video app for the iPhone and iPod touch also which used to be past to be had for iPads Only.

This video app would enable its person to right away make an get right of entry to to greater than 30,000 titles from Amazon Rapid Video Provider. Titles incorporate TV presentations such as American Horror Story, Downtown Abbey and Fringe and flicks like Hugo, Thor and Goodfellas. Immediate Video app permits it’s person to get entry to Top Instant Video streamed or downloaded for subscribers, and there could be an computerized get right of entry to to subscribed season aired a day sooner than on Television.

This app runs very smoothly without any disturbance. You Are Able To Do number of tasks thru this ap. Whereas staring at a season if you are feeling like purchasing top rate content material or jump to some other operate, that you may switch over to that straight away without any time lengthen.

Customers should purchase greater than 14,000 titles from Amazon Immediate Video app to be had at different prices.

Simplest customers signing up 365 days Top membership price $Seventy Nine with Amazon would be capable to get right of entry to Amazon’s Top Immediate Video. As an effect of the membership, consumers will get two day shipping freed from price and free get admission to to Speedy Video as well.

Amazon allows streaming from merchandise like Kindle Hearth HD, ps3, PCs, and Macs for iPhone. It Is Going To add two more products into its streaming library.

Amazon’s Top Quick Video is available Handiest to buyers who join the company’s $79-a-12 months High membership. With that, consumers get free two-day delivery, in addition to “free” get right of entry to to the instant Video.




12 Comments to “Amazon Instant Video app for iPad, iPhone and iTunes”

  1. Some books on Amazon have rave reviews. I know that authors and their associates have been know to write fake reviews to make their books look good.

    How can I get real, independent evaluations of books on Amazon?

  2. Elijah luv // April 22, 2013 at 19:18 // Reply

    I am going to build a dugout canoe and canoe down the Amazon river from Lima, Peru to the Atlantic Ocean. Need to figure out what kind of wood to use first. Thanks for any advice.

  3. Would the payment be under the retailer on amazon, or just under amazon itself?

  4. I have 3 computer on a wireless home network but it only allows me access to Public Folders. I want to be able to access all the folders on the other computers. How do I set it up?


  5. So I bought something on Amazon a little while back, and stupidly I threw away everything except for what I bought. I later realized that the item was missing something important. I want to return it now, but is that possible without the original box and such?

  6. Jeanelle the Retard // May 28, 2013 at 00:26 // Reply

    Amazon doesn’t have anything, so don’t say amazon. Also, please don’t say ebay.

  7. Does Amazon have a phone number or have anyway of contacting them?

  8. If, Amazon list unauthorized publishers and outdated ISBN aren’t they basically promoting illegal activity? If the publisher is Print to Order and sells books would not the Third Party be on their own? Also, Where is the money going? Who then is Amazon obligated to? Their Authors or the Third Party?

  9. lucasg615 // June 1, 2013 at 20:02 // Reply

    I got kicked out of Amazon?
    I was kicked out of amazon for having returned several items because I wasn’t able to mail them and according to Amazon that’s bad. Anyway, I registered again, this time with my credit card but my fiance’s bank account and they still denied the seller application. I registered with a different account before? Why can’t I do it now? How can I get back to selling? Will I be able to do it with his info only?

  10. I bought a tablet from Amazon and supposedly the UPS guy delivered it to the wrong house. I contacted Amazon about this and they said give them 24 hours to investigate it. How do they find it? Because even when I called UPS they couldn’t direct me to the courier to find out which house it was left at. I know I can get a replacement but my house is hard to find as it’s down a long driveway and with no house number so replacement will be lost too. So yeah, again, how do they find the package?

  11. vanvark83 // June 5, 2013 at 12:17 // Reply

    My sister wants to buy an Amazon gift card on Amazon, but she doesn’t have a bank account or credit card or anything. Will they let her make an account on Amazon and use a gift card to purchase something or does she need a bank account attached to her Amazon account? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  12. joevsyou // June 9, 2013 at 03:25 // Reply

    I want to start selling on amazon, what are the requirements to be a seller?
    what is the payment process like? whats good about selling on amazon?

    Im an old ebay seller, Frankly im fed up with them.

    Also what type of fees are associated with selling on amazon?


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