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American Horror Story Leaves Us Spellbindingly Curious After Releasing New Promo Full Of Semi-Spoilers!


*Do Not read/watch if you have not considered the primary convey! LOLz!*

Get Ready for some fierce b*tch craft, individuals!

American Horror Story: Coven premiered final evening and it was effing CRAY!

Ryan Murphy totes outdid himself with bloody toruturous plot strains—and we’re officially obsessed with the convey as so much as Fiona is with staying Young and exquisite!

HOWDY! She actually sucks the lifestyles out of people to maintain her supreme witch nastiness! Ha!

A Lot shiznit went down ultimate evening, we do not even know where to begin!

The cliff notes version is mainly as follows:

Zoe Benson (a apparently regular teenager) will get despatched to a *different* all girls school as a result of she has intercourse with a man and kills him, as a result of a witchy genetic pain…She’s totes a black widow, y’all!

There she meets Madison Montgomery, Nan, and Queenie—three other witches that have been sent to the brand new Orleans academy to gain knowledge of the right way to keep watch over their powers of telekinesis, clairvoyance, and voodoo!

Cordelia Foxx, head master of Leave Out Robichaux’s Academy for Remarkable Younger Girls, plans to show the fiery girls how you can suppress their magical talents to move on to live commonplace lives.

That Is, except, Fiona (who we find out is Miz Foxx’s momma) appears at the academy to show the gals tips on how to protect themselves after a witch used to be burned at the stake a la Salem!

Main story strains embody a roofie frat boy gang bang, tragic bus crash, and a slave-beating woman from 1834 dug up alive!

Ch-ch-check up on the nutty season 3 episode promo (above) to look all the craziness that is in retailer for the Coven!

We Won’t wait until subsequent week!

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