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Apple TV Gets Facelift through Hulu Plus

Apple TV Gets Facelift through Hulu Plus

Hulu rolled out with its new new app Hulu plus solely for Apple TELEVISION devices. Dave Herman, Senior product manager at Hulu made this announcement on Tuesday.
He wrote in his weblog that Hulu has redesigned its expertise from floor degree to Hulu Plus so we can enable Apple TELEVISION customers to search the present episodes and content discovery.

There would be enhanced options with content material categories coming within the top navigation bar for you to make it easy for its users to immediately turn over to their favorite sections like TV, Films, Latino, Kids and Hulu Queue. Throughout The content library customers can easily discover what are the brand new Displays arising and can remain updated about their favourite Shows.
Hulu’s new section- Presentations You Watch would highlight the Displays user regularly watches. It has also given its customers access to watch the latest episodes quickly at an extraordinarily quick velocity. They’ve to just make a choice the exhibit through remote and click on play and the episode will begin playing instantly without any time delay.
There May Be yet another superb feature; if the user will preserve holding the make a selection button – subtitle and audio settings will seem on the show.
For getting hulu’s latest replace users need to make sure that Apple’s latest firmware is up to date of their Apple TELEVISION device. And they may be able to simply update it by going to settings on Apple TV reveal and then selecting “Device replace” under “Common”.




9 Comments to “Apple TV Gets Facelift through Hulu Plus”

  1. Ive tried to watch Forever on Hulu but my internet is very slow and it only loads until a comercial comes up and I just can’t stand all the interuptions. I also don’t want to dowload anything. I have already seen the first season so its ok if the suggested website doesn’t have that season.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. I’m thinking about getting Hulu Plus and I heard there were commercials, but I want to know if they’re at the beginning before the show or after. I really hope they’re not during it because that’s one of the reasons we switched to Netflix. I just hate watching a show, then getting interrupted by a commercial. Any other info on it would be great also. Thank you!

  3. RxP DarkBox // May 25, 2013 at 05:38 // Reply

    With Hulu Plus, how many devices can I have enabled to watch at a single time?

  4. I really want to download videos from hulu, but nothing seems to work… The videos i am trying to download are guilty crown episodes by funimation. Help?

  5. I’ve become addicted to Hulu, but if I have to leave before a show ends, I will write down where I stopped, thinking I can skip back to that later.
    But later comes around and when I try to pull the bar thing to that spot, it freezes up and won’t go there, it’ll just stay at the beginning.
    Is there a way to get to a certain time without waiting forever?

  6. white man // May 29, 2013 at 03:21 // Reply

    I am interested in knowing what hulu schedule for shows are. Did they make announcements about how many episodes in each season there will be and if they are going to post them,
    I mostly interested in when the Finder will be new again.

  7. I know the devices I can connect it to, like game consoles, phone, tv, I know that. What I would like to know is how many devices I can connect it to. Like Netflix you can only connect it to up to like 3 or 4 devices I think, but that’s what I wanna know how many devices I can connect Hulu Plus to? Thanks 🙂

  8. Victoria T // June 5, 2013 at 01:01 // Reply

    I know Hulu Plus is available on PS3 but I can’t find the app download anywhere within the store.

  9. everytime I try to watch something on hulu my computer shuts down randomly after about ten minutes. Is it my computer or the website?
    it is a laptop, but it only happens when I watch hulu other wise it can be on for hours. heating up maybe a problem, but why does it only shut down when I watch hulu?

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