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Bluetooth frying pan senses when your food is done

Bluetooth frying pan senses when your food is done

The Subsequent technology of cookware is Bluetooth-enabled.

Image: Pantelligent

Who has ever overcooked an egg, undercooked a rooster breast or completely massacred a reputedly benign grilled cheese sandwich?

:raises hand:

Pantelligent is an app-more suitable pan that alerts you when your Meals is completely cooked.

The pan has a critical temperature gauge and a Bluetooth-outfitted handle that, when it touches your phone, connects to the app. The activated app then shares helpful tips, As An Instance, when the pan is hot enough so as to add oil or when your steak reaches a medium rare temperature.

The app itself comes loaded with recipes, but it’s straightforward to make the pan work with your individual creations. For Example, you do not need to make pancakes from scratch; even using a combination, the pan takes the guesswork out of questioning when you wish to flip them.

This has the possible to take a number of frustration out of cooking. Now, assuming you enter the correct information in the app, your phone tells you cook dinner your Food — without a meat thermometer, a taste test or even a cookbook.

All you want to do is stock your fridge with something more than weight loss plan soda and gummy worms.

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