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China’s Alibaba Rolls Out A Mobile Local App

China’s Alibaba Rolls Out A Mobile Local App

Alibaba, one of the vital widespread e-commerce web sites in china is restructuring itself in January and is planning for its future increase. It’s planning to make its entry into Cell lifestyle sector additionally.

Zhang Jianfeng, Alibaba vice chairman and Director of Development and of Native lifestyle instructed in regards to the rollout of its revolutionary standard of living product which is considered one of its kinds.

Zhang informed that this app could be utterly completely different from Ddmaps which helps to find Local coupons and Taobao Lifestyles which helps find Native trade or leisure. He further informed that in contrast to Hupan, Laiwang and Momo, this product would no longer be having any social networking software. Alibaba has very high expectations from this product and hopes that the product would have at least 10% penetration out there, thereby contributing Eight million users day by day as Taobao has 80 million day by day users. Company has no longer mounted any time limit for attaining this purpose.

Zhang mentioned that the product will add fun to the entertainment Life and will give an technique to its users to make their purchase with impartial merchants.

For the success of this product, Alibaba will get into partnership with Local merchants and thereby will provide a platform to its users for purchasing and promoting of its client goods. This app can be similar to adding one more competitor in the market of Cellular app as already it has launched a couple of Cell apps before.

This app is expected to point out an extraordinarily quick growth. As It Is assumed that the expansion of e-commerce may decelerate in the future, so Alibaba is making ready a safe platform for itself by way of entering into Local lifestyle.





13 Comments to “China’s Alibaba Rolls Out A Mobile Local App”

  1. Im ordering a supplement from a company in China, through Alibaba. They asked to send the money” 350 dollars” through paypal as a gift to avoid handling charges. I said I wanted to pay through normal payment to protect myself better.
    She told me I could pay that way, but the product is already at price, and they will loose money.I asked why they would sell at price, she said they want to give me a gift as starting business.

    The supplier is a 3 year gold supplier, and 3rd party verified, but im super cautious about sending overseas, ive heard so many stories of people getting ripped off. Any ideas?

  2. Ok i was scammed through alibaba i saw a good deal and jumped in like a noob. The way i paid was through bank Wire transfer so i have this guys bank information he lives in the UK he said he would ship the items the same day. I verified with my bank money made it to his bank and 5 days later and still no tracking number i sent him a few emails but he didnt respond. On alibaba it says his company is here in US but i highly doubt that it actually is, if so i have the address of said company. All i want is my money back the amount i sent him was $1050 USD there has to be a way to do something i have all the emails he sent me and my bank transfer receipt. I worked hard for my money and makes me mad how people can do this. I understand i shouldve researched more and learned my lesson can someone help me. All answers are appreciated thanks.

  3. Lasagna delivery guy // April 24, 2013 at 10:04 // Reply

    I know some of the ones like alibaba or dhgate but they dont sale original item they are replicas. How do store get there items. For example a small ma and pas store that sells electronics or jerseys.

  4. On Alibaba, I contacted with with the Manufacturer supplier from China. I was interested in purchasing the hardrive which is $50 each but have to purchase 5 units as the minimum order so the total cost is $250.00. I asked him if he accepts Credit Card payment, and he said he only accept Western Union as the payment method. Is it okay if I check out using that method to order 5 pcs of HDD?

  5. Popular ones are liquidation and alibaba, but are they really reliable to give you what you pay for?

  6. I found a seller on alibaba.com, and I am planning to buy about 200 women dresses, about 20 each style from him and sell on ebay, is it legal to do that? do I have to worry about quota, or the seller in china worry about that? I just pay duty tax when they get here, is that right? I have a business lincense and seller permit, I just never bought from oversea directly from the supplier before, thanks in advance.

  7. ibjammin44 // May 26, 2013 at 07:17 // Reply

    For example, let’s say I found a hot product already found on a variety of other websites that I want to sell myself like Polly The Insulting Parrot Keychain or some kind of other unique toy that you may find at a gags and gifts store. How wold I go about buying that item in bulk or locating the supplier? I’ve tried the likes of Alibaba or Salehoo but they normally just consist of generic everyday products and I am looking to resell more specific hard to find items.

  8. Nathan B // May 31, 2013 at 07:39 // Reply

    I’m in the International Trade Business.
    I want to sell some products online.. mainly to distributors, suppliers and buyers.
    My target would be to businesses that buy in bulks and quantity.
    I like Alibaba, but are there other sites like it? Any decent ones that you guys recommend?
    I would stay away from Ebay, auctions, etc… because our target is not for consumers but to other businesses who buy in bulks.

  9. So people just use Alibaba platform to get the latest price ? But not really want to buy?

  10. When distributing and delivering a product does alibaba.com itself the one who distributes the product, do they have a delivery service to deliver a product to the buyer. Or does the company who sells the product need to deliver the product themselves?

  11. I was about to buy several times from an Alibaba seller but when they say that the only payment they receive is wire transfer like Western Union, I became suspicious. Besides Western Union charges a lot to send 150 dollars, and I don’t feel it’s worth it.

    One seller told me they were “fooled” many times. How can one be fooled with Paypal when everything is verified including the address and credit card number?

  12. I loved the song of Alibaba by Pentamedia, But couldn’t find the song for over the internet to download. Can anyone give the link to the song or the whole movie.

  13. I want to buy a single laptop at low cost, can I do this on alibaba? Has anybody done this? Thanks.

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