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Clinton, Cruz Lead Engagement on Social Media


A learn about launched this week by way of the George Washington College’s Graduate Faculty of Political Management and Zignal Lab suggested that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex) lead their presidential counterparts in engagement on social media.


The Information Was Once gathered from a survey of about 10.3 million mentions of the announced candidates on social, with analysis of factors like how time and again the point out Was shared, the kind of phrases used when referring to the candidate (“champion” [Hillary] vs. “gangsta” [Huckabee’s not-so-PC response to the Ferguson riots]). The rankings went from 1 (“crickets”) to Eleven (“historic,” curb that you can think of reference to Spinal Faucet?). Listed Below Are the results:


Hillary Clinton              Eight


Ted Cruz                      7

Rand Paul                    5

Marco Rubio                5

Bernie Sanders           4

Carly Fiorina                3

Mike Huckabee           3

Ben Carson                  1

That’s crickets for Carson and something like love, if no longer historical past, for H-dawg.

There Were Other attention-grabbing findings dredged via the study. Hillary, whose viral selfies have lengthy gave the look of comfortable openings for her presidential marketing campaign, notably led them all in attain, making the most of each mainstream media presence and on-the-floor likability. Her title Used To Be most likely to be associated with the words “everyday” and “American,” offering a glimpse into how she is being billed as a candidate, and how she is generally perceived.

Cruz’s presence, alternatively, displayed a gap in his recognition: the folks like him, but the media would not a lot. His announcement to run for workplace made a big splash, with three days surrounding the event the place he led in voice among the many candidates. Others, like Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee announced their bids to a lot much less fanfare (-13.6 percent in voice, and -14.8 p.c, respectively). Ouch.

And Bernie Sanders, despite being a social media nut, hangs within the middle.

See below for a few attention-grabbing graphs put collectively by means of Zignal at the side of the Peoria Undertaking. And extra over at Epolitics.



What do you suppose politicians can do to increase their engagement on social?

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