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Ebooks Getting Popular Among Readers: Contributes 23% of U.S Trade Publisher Sales

Ebooks Getting Popular Among Readers: Contributes 23% of U.S Trade Publisher Sales

On Thursday, the Association of american Publishers gave a statshot revealing the fact that There Has Been a substantial increase within the sale of books. Remaining year, ebooks made a contribution of 22% in Total books sold with the aid of u.s.a.trade publishers. This determine has been rising year after 12 months, as the sale of ebooks was 17% of the total sale in 2011 and it used to be just Three% in 2009.

There Was a excellent increase within the sale of ebooks and hence income generated from them. Complete Gross Sales revenue generated from books got here out to be $7.1billion out of which $1.54billion got here from ebooks only. There Has Been a growth in the net revenue generated from fiction/non-fiction and youngsters’s/younger adult books as neatly. Then Again books of religious theme didn’t express much growth.

Along-with a rise within the sale of ebooks, a rise has been observed in downloadable audiobooks and paperbacks. The Identical growth can be viewed in the hardcover copies of books in the kids’s/younger grownup class.

A find out about revealed through Pew showed that round 21% of american adults Learn books online Last year.  This shows the short growing development Among younger folks and adults for ebooks. And this development is predicted to develop within the coming days with more revolutionary adjustments taking place in our lives with the spread of internet.




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  6. Benihana // May 31, 2013 at 04:43 // Reply

    How was the experience? How well did it do? Did you need to promote it on your own such as through Amazon or did a publisher do it for you?

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