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Eminem Partners With Genius, Alex And Drew Rap Battle The News

Eminem Partners With Genius, Alex And Drew Rap Battle The News

Today, Eminem introduced that he’d be investing in and partnering with lyric-annotation web site Genius. It’s kind of a match made in heaven, seeing as Eminem’s lyrics are continuously scrutinized.

Right Here’s what Eminem needed to say about the tie-up:

Coming Up we would at all times obsess over the lyrics from our favorite MCs. Picking the whole lot apart, looking to get into their heads. I still do that These Days and Genius helps to make it a worldwide dialog. Beautiful superb to me.

Dollar amounts weren’t disclosed, However Eminem will keep annotating his personal lyrics on the web site and Genius would be the “reliable lyrics engine” for Eminem.com and all of Shady Records’ online residences. Pretty cool.

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But now to the actual Information. Alex and Drew will rap-Struggle the Information ahead of your very eyes. You’ll get to vote after.

Hit play on this ailing beat and have a gander:

Alex aka DJ FreshlyFinanced:

vwouxUVOn Occasion people don’t get what I’m pronouncing,
But how can i fucking be the most effective when I’m slaying,
And these fucking haters are confused about the phrases coming out,
What do you want, to take a seat and pout, fuck around like a shit lout?

Or that you must get your ass to Genius, where shit is tight, reside, and hype
Imma sit there and give an explanation for my shit to you,
One fucking line at a time,
So should you fuck it up on the exhibit, I Know who to fuckin’ shine


Drew aka MC AstroCat:

12043160_10153353894058509_2987640604001032783_nYo, Yo, Yo.
You think you bought some depraved raps
I preserve seeing em on websites which are depraved crap
Imma take my golden phrases to a place that rocks the place I Can spread the word
Let people open the pandora’s box of the darkness thats my thoughts which my mom says is absurd

So if you wanna get the real
You wanna get some shit that Milli Vanilli can’t even steal
Come to Genius for my geniusness
Get within the reflect and watch your face melt for realnesses


Who wins?

Featured Picture: Evan Agostini/AP

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