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'Empire' recap: Has Rhonda solved the staircase shover mystery?


The crimson soles gave it all away. 

Within The newest episode of Empire, titled “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf,” Rhonda’s striking out with Anika when she all at once has a flashback to the night she used to be pushed down the steps. And all of it happened after she realized Anika was wearing the identical Louboutin flats because the criminal. 

In Fact, it’s now not 100% sure that Anika’s the killer, But Rhonda appears to be lovely sure. The Arena would be a so much more practical location if all crimes can be solved with Louboutins. 

The episode opens with Andre playing bingo, probably the most elderly of pastimes, together with his newly discovered grandmother. However, he pretends like he doesn’t know who she is, asking her coy questions on her domestic unless he confirms that she’s indisputably his grandmother.

Meanwhile, Hakeem and Jamal are recording Within The studio, where Hakeem drops multiple mentions of looking to get on a Ryan Coogler movie soundtrack. This Is utterly unrelated to the plot, but the more than one identify drops wanted to be mentioned. Black Panther hits theaters July 6, 2018.

They later meet D-Main, who’s Extraordinarily Scorching and accountable for ASA performances. He and Jamal have a ingenious clash in an instant, arguing over what Song Jamal must sing. 

Naturally, they start furiously making out.

D-Major and Jamal have more chemistry in two seconds than Laura and Hakeem ever did.

Also, D-Major and Jamal have extra chemistry in two seconds than Laura and Hakeem ever did. 

Later In The episode, D-Major tries to hook up again, But Jamal isn’t all in favour of his closeted persona. However via the top, they comply with make it work and my coronary heart explodes. 

Speaking of Hakeem, he and Tiana are recording a brand new observe. He concerns for exactly one millisecond that it will make Laura mad, But then brushes it off. Improper. Afterward, Laura storms in on him, furious that he did not even inform her or believe her on the observe. They make up relatively quickly, But now not prior to Laura makes it clear that she would not trust Tiana. 

The crew in the end starts rehearsing for the ASAs at Leviticus, however it’s no longer lengthy sooner than they begin bickering. 

“Y’all sound like a rack of bitches!” Cookie shouts, which is the most gorgeous Cookie-esque second of this episode. 

Then Andre is available in. Wager who’s with him? That’s proper, Grandma! It freaks everyone out, making them think Andre has lost his rattling thoughts. Lucious says nothing to her, turning to his son. 

“You Don’t Have Any thought what you’ve completed,” he says menacingly, eyes filling with tears. It turns out that point she “killed” herself playing Russian roulette was once in truth just her enjoying with an empty gun. She was later locked up. Lucious tries to have her put back In The nursing dwelling, However Andre puts his foot down, in order that they take her again to Lucious’s situation.

Later, Lucious and his mother share a young moment collectively after walks in on her enjoying piano and singing fantastically. Track really does run Within The Lyon domestic. The music conjures up him, and he decides to make use of it for the ASA performance with his sons. 


Jussie Smollett, Terrence Howard and Bryshere Gray In The “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf.”

Also, remember that journalist who used to be interviewing Lucious? The one who found out grandma? Neatly, Thirsty methods her into taking an extended Car journey, riding her deep into a creepy, abandoned place. When she will get out of the automobile, his henchman grab her. 

Ouch. RIP, lady. 

Did we point out Cookie’s sisters, Candace and Carol are again? Well, they are, sitting down for a demanding lunch the place Carol admits that she desires to inform Cookie a dark secret Which Is consuming her up inside. Some suspicious taking a look guy is eavesdropping, However we later find out he’s an old friend of Carol’s.

Over on the Lucious crib, his mom wakes him up late at night time, guiding him to the kitchen where she’s arrange about half of a dozen beautiful desserts. Then she calls for he eat the muffins, Bruce Bogtrotter fashion, But made creepier by way of the fact that she’s threatening him with a giant knife. 

“I was once high quality unless you have been born,” she says creepily. 

Can Not wait to listen to more of her motherly knowledge in next week’s episode. 

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