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Facebook can affect your memory: New Research

Facebook can affect your memory: New Research

You May wish to think carefully sooner than posting that replace to Fb. New Analysis has found that Fb status updates are extra memorable than lines from a e book or the faces of strangers.

General, the researchers found that Facebook standing updates were one-and-a-half times more memorable than sentences from books and two-and-a-half occasions extra memorable than faces. These numbers represent remarkable variations in Reminiscence efficiency, researchers say.

“We had been truly shocked,” said Laura Mickes, traveling scholar at UC San Diego and a senior Research fellow on the College of Warwick. “All These gaps in [memory] efficiency are on a scale just like the diversities between amnesiacs and other people with healthy Memory.”

The findings undercut common assumptions about social media posts, she mentioned.

“Facebook is updated roughly 30 million instances an hour, so it’s straightforward to push aside it as stuffed with mundane, trivial bits of data that we can instantly overlook as soon as we learn them,” Mickes said. “But our find out about turns that view on its head, and through doing so provides us a truly helpful glimpse into the sorts of information we’re hardwired to understand that.”

Within The Research, which used to be printed Within The journal Memory and Cognition, participants studied more than 200 nameless Fb posts. Researchers picked posts that have been shut in length to sentences from books, and made positive to take out any irregularities in These postings that may have made them more memorable.

“Not most effective is the ‘Fb effect’ on Memory sturdy, But we replicated the effect each time we examined it,” said Christine Harris, a psychology professor at UC San Diego.

Researchers say that a number of factors make these posts extra memorable; however, the top motive is that digital communications very intently resemble the way individuals speak. That Is, researchers imagine the similarity of online conversation to everyday speech makes it more memorable than lines from books, which can be more sparsely composed.

“You Can Actually view the past 5,000 years of painstaking, cautious writing as the anomaly,” said Nicholas Christenfeld, a psychology professor at UC San Diego. “Up To Date technologies allow written language to return more intently to the casual, personal style of pre-literate conversation. That Is the model that resonates, and is remembered.”

The Analysis was once co-authored by means of Daniel Bajic, Ryan Darby and Vivian Hwe of UC San Diego, and Jill Warker of the University of Scranton.

Source: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/3757-Facebook-impact-Memory.html?




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  1. Its weird i have 2 pen pals from there who im going to visit in the end of the year with a friend from Colombia, after argentina lost in thr world cup they were angry and were listening to a Eminem song called *** and decided to add someone called *** in facebook and it was me and they found i go for argentina and am going there and we became pen pals and get on well they are both really super nice pretty girls, but i always have weird dreams about them, never about my friends in real life, dreams of play fighting, them helping me and recently going to one of their homes and meeting the mum and the family and she was in a wedding dress and there was a party with family in her home but she was a little distant doing things and dissapearing

    what would be causing this?

  2. I have this strange ability to recognise people’s faces, with no apparent knowledge of who they are? Like on facebook and I see pictures of friend’s friends and instantly something pings and recognises their face, but not their identity, I was reading about a year ago on a documentary or news channel about other people who can recognise people’s faces for years and years, even if they just passed them in the street and I wondered if I might have a mild version of this condition, anyone who reads this can you help identify what this is so I can do more research on it. Thanks.

    Also I don’t get this with everyone, only random people, just something about these random people I always recognise, like when I started college and some people on my course I could swear i’ve seen them before yet some of them don’t live any were near me or went to any of my schools :/ confusing.

  3. A couple of months ago a very close friend took his own life because he felt alone and ashamed about his “secret” He liked to dress in women’s clothes but felt that he couldn’t tell anyone as it would destroy his family, lose him friends, affect his job (he was a pilot) And make people think he was less of a person and less of a man.
    I know without a shadow of a doubt my feelings wouldn’t have changed and I feel it would have actually added another deeper dimension to our friendship. Now I have got past the anger, frustration and pain of this loss I would like to do something positive in his memory.
    It strikes me he can’t be the only person who feels the way he did. Out there, there must be lots of men struggling with this secret and I would like to set up a group. A place to meet to chat or discuss problems. But how do I contact them? By definition they are hidden. Apart from an ad in the paper and maybe a notice in the library where can I “advertise” that this safe place exists?
    I would be especially interested in hearing from you if you are a Transvestite or have experience in this area and I DON’T want to hear your sarcastic comments or your sad bigotted views. If you have nothing contructive or helpful to add then skim over this question
    I forgot to mention I am in Yorkshire UK

  4. Miguel M // May 24, 2013 at 08:13 // Reply

    I just read some things about Facebook charging money to use it! Is this true, or just a scam?

  5. I created a page on Facebook but I want to delete it. How do you delete it.

  6. Facebook but i want to take it off.

  7. I troll Facebook political pages and I am constantly getting reported to death. I need more alts.
    @ abra: I know that but there are ways around that. You can buy drop accounts that are varified but I don’t want to pay $1 to $3 an account. I heard there are account generators.

  8. toysruslover // May 28, 2013 at 08:21 // Reply

    Facebook is nice to keep in contact with others, but I notice that some people spend many hours updating their statuses and checking in on the lives of others and trying to keep up with the Jones’s so to speak via facebook. In your opinion would you say that facebook takes your focus off of God? Should good christians have facebook accounts? And what purpose does facebook serve to the serious christian.

  9. My email inbox is full of facebook notification. Everyday i’ve to delete those and its to irritating. How to stop that?

  10. sethburger // May 31, 2013 at 03:43 // Reply

    My facebook isn’t in my twitter connections, I already tried that.

  11. blarg blarg // June 1, 2013 at 17:16 // Reply

    On facebook, how do you hide your friends list so that your other friends cannot see it?

  12. Lia-lu-li // June 4, 2013 at 12:47 // Reply

    What does Facebook use to let the users upload things like games, and applications to their website?

  13. white man // June 8, 2013 at 13:19 // Reply

    My facebook is deactivated but I seem to still get emails about people adding me and things why?

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