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Facebook can treat depression!

Facebook can treat depression!

Fb could be used to treat despair as Ninety per cent of users log on to the social networking web site to keep in mind that happier instances, experts have mentioned.

In Keeping With the research by University of Portsmouth, nostalgic pictures and even outdated comments are used to “self-soothe”.

Scientists already be aware of that reminiscent remedy is useful for older individuals with memory loss.

Now the University needs to do a much bigger study to confirm its findings, which might recommend Facebook can assist treat mental health concerns similar to nervousness and despair, the Day-to-day Replicate studies.

Dr Alice Good, who led the new study, mentioned scientists discovered a boom in “self-soothing” on Fb helps users particularly if they are vulnerable to feeling low.

Psychologist Dr Clare Wilson said stated that Fb is marketed as a way of speaking with others.

This research displays we are more doubtless to use it to connect with our previous selves, most likely when our current selves need reassuring, Wilson introduced.

Consistent With the file, the find out about has been printed in the journal Lecture Notes in Laptop Science: Universal Access in Human-Pc Interaction.

Source: ANI




13 Comments to “Facebook can treat depression!”

  1. baldy eire // April 20, 2013 at 00:18 // Reply

    Well I’m 14, turning 15 on March, 8th. I know a lot of people think teens can’t get depressed but I am.I just want help to get over this and be a normal teen and not have to worry about the things I do until I’m older, well I guess I’ll give some background info away

    My grandmother, grandfather, father, 2 uncles are all passed I only really have my mom that I care about, I have 3 brothers and 2 sister but I only see one sister because I stopped seeing the other sister when my dad died, I go to bed crying and just thinking about all of this and wishing they were all in my life, I’m an agnostic and I don’t belive in god even though I wish I did because I did before n I felt like I had support, please dont answer here with religious things because it doesn’t help, I just wish I could see them again and show them how much I’ve grown up and just hang out with them and see how they are doing but i know i never will i just can in my dreams, i dream about them n im so happy n then i wake up n realize its a dream and i just cry

    my mom struggles, shes 46 & single and i treat her so bad but i cant help it it makes me wanna punch myself knowing the way I treat her because if any one else treated her like that i’d knock their lights out… i’m always getting in trouble with school n it disapoints her I just wanna do something to make her proud of me I wanna be able to do something that makes her never have to work again and I can buy her cars and a new house and take her on vacaitions and I was just thinking about if I ever lossed her Id probably wouldn’t want to live any more

    I know I’m young & 14 but I feel old, it feels like yesterday I was in kindergarden showing off things in show & tell and passing out valentines to class mates, I don’t wanna grow old…. I hate having my birthdays its probly the worst day in my life, im so tired of getting older i wish i could rewind and pause my life when i was 5 when I had all of my loved ones,

    i try so hard to right & fail I just wanna be a normal teen who doesn’t worry about any of this I just wish my mom was happy because when she is happy I am and it makes me so sad when I see her sad I just wish I wasn’t born so I wouldn’t have to worry about any of this, I’m not suicidal I would never take my life away from my family because I know the hurt feel they get when you can never see a loved one, I don’t do drugs and i know alot of people on yahoo answers say to smoke weed and I won’t do that neither

    i just wanna be normal and not to be stressed because im young I just want to live my life and be stressed when i’m an adult I just want something good to happen to my family were we all can just have a big smile

    if you do help thanks, I would of wrote this in good grammar but I was in tears while doing so, this isn’t for attention because if it was I would of posted it on facebook I just came here to get answers & help, I also don’t like telling my mom i’m stressed because i know she has stress on her and her knowing i am stressed would cause more on her, it also makes me sad because she smokes and has jad car accidents with surgerys and i know its possible that’ll limit her life, all im saying is without her i am nothing and i just need help

    it also is hurting me knowing me time flies and I just want things to slow down 🙁
    i’ve also done things i regret and i cant get over and it hurts my heart and gives me a head ache

  2. ConfusionnaJob // April 25, 2013 at 14:22 // Reply

    I’m a 20 year old male and I have tics. It’s a form of tourettes and it involves me twitching my eyes forcefully or shaking my head. I use to have a lot more different tics but they change at times. I’ve had tics since I was very little it started with touching things, and got way way worse. I was very depressed for a long time and still am. In that time noone understood tics neither did I. I try to believe its all in your head but it’s so hard to stop. I was abused mentally and physically badly by a lot of people. I always came home with bruises. I was constantly getting into fights with people cause there’s very little teachers can actually control. I was tired of their **** and wouldn’t stand for people making fun of me all of the time. EVEN TEACHERS MADE FUN OF ME. Or told me to quit acting like a fool if I was doing weird tics and distracting others. I guess the plus side it made me the tough person I am today. I tried everything herbal remedies, a ridiculous variety of medication, eating healthy, exercising, quit drinking, and quit drugs. They still remain and I feel very imperior to it. There’s one thing I’m upset about now and its my love life. I am very good at talking with women and telling them what they want to hear. all my friends that are girls tell me im an extremely good looking guy with a great body and people laugh at me sometimes and say how don’t you have a girl friend? As I got older i slowly learned how to control tics, but let me tell you it is very exhausting on your brain. Sometimes it makes it worse in the end. I will meet women anywhere but I usually go to the bar. I’m not afraid to get rejected and I find I’m pretty confident. But I have a very tough time keeping a girl. If I’m at the bar or somewhere meeting a girl I’m good at controlling my tics most of the time but it doesn’t always work depending how I feel. If I’m able to hide my tics long enough around a girl I usually don’t have no problem taking her home. But the relationship usually doesn’t last long because I can’t hide my tics forever around them and slowly I think they lose interest because let’s be honest I think most women find it a turn off. I’m not talking about just girls at the bar cause their one night stands. But if I’m going on a date with a girl we will sometimes hit it off very well and when I do my tics I feel like it almost freaks her out and she slowly loses interest. Knowing how to talk to women or groups of them by myself and controlling the urge of intense tics is extremely tough. Takes a lot of practice. People always tell me “oh their not worth your time you deserve someone better. There’s those girls out there.” Well sure there is but it is very hard to find someone to accept my tics. I will go places all the time and see the happiest couples together and it makes me very sad inside. I feel like I will be alone for a long time. All my friends have girl friends and I feel like a loser with noone when we all go somewhere. And I’m tired of taking girls home from the bar, but it seems like it’s the only way to be with a girl even if its for a short time. Because one night of controlling my tics isn’t nearly as hard as controlling it around a girl all the time. I’m feeling depressed a lot more lately so I’ve been taking mdma every once in a while to help me feel happy again. Which is pathetic. I hate being weak but I just don’t know what I can do anymore. If anyone has an ideas how I can improve my tics or something different I should try please let me know because it feels like I’ve tried everything.

  3. II suffer from a deep depression, I am 25 years old. I lost a brother when I was 9 years old and ever since I am scared of life. I was made fun of pretty much all my life in school of course like most Hispanics do. I was shy and having a soft voice, people ridicule me when I talked and I grew up with a me fairly insecure. Also there was a lot of problems my parents fought all the time so I grew up insecure that anyone wanted me around. I’m not here seeking attention, I need help. I also have a ex girlfriend who keeps badmouthing me online via Facebook and Twitter with help of my own sister who turned against me because I stopped buying her things. She is spoiled anyway, I’m a mess serious mess. I also get anxiety attacks when I’m in public and always think people are after me because all I’ve been through. If I forgot to mention anything ask and I will reply, I’m just a mess.

    What steps I take to treat depression, is it expensive? I don’t have insurance at work, I work for Wal-Mart but I don’t have any idea where to start please anyone. I live in San Antonio Texas Northwest

  4. shouldn’t kids act as kids, not as minature adults/teens? please comment?

  5. The Villain // May 24, 2013 at 18:17 // Reply

    During my senior year. I met this guy who was depressed and was also very shy. He’d only talk to me in FB, and when he saw me, he never said hi unless we were alone. He said he had depression, and he take pills, and I tried to help him. Some nights, I’d stay up late thinking about how he is feeling. I’d give him advices, and try my best to help him and make him happy (but in only in Facebook, he never talked about it at school, even alone) He told me he liked me 2 or 3 times, but all in FB. When I told him I used to (and that was the truth) he said okay, and said good night, trying to make a joke out of it. Wad he using me? I know he had depression because EVERYONE saw that, but did he say he liked me just to get me to say the same thing and make him feel happy or what? He used to like mu statues and Facebook, now, he likes everything else and doesn’t even say hi. I can’t get over the fact that I’ve been used. I worried about him sick, and now he treats me like sh*t. I want to delete my Facebook, but I find it hard. And I NEED to get over him. Any tips? Please READ! AND HELP! (: Thanks! (:
    In return, I’ll answer your questions! 😀

  6. arronwrath // May 27, 2013 at 05:18 // Reply

    I don’t know if I have depression… I mean I’m still young, not doing drugs, not smoking or anything like that. But I think my mum is causing me depression. She shouts at me all day and glares at me all throughout the day with hatred. Just last night, when it was like 11:30, she told me to clear out my room! She makes me finish my homework and suffer from the amount of it even if the due date is like 3 weeks away! Plus she MAKES me do her own homework she sets out for me and it takes a few hours to do that. I never say anything bad to her, or swear but she always gets angry with me for no reason. I used to keep saying, “I love you” but she never retrieves, she just ignores me or just says, “Mmm hmm..” So now I’ve stop saying it so much. Plus my mum treats my brother like a king, she doesn’t care if he goes on swearing at his friends at Facebook or saying he is doing homework but actually on Facebook(I took a picture of it and showed it to my mum but she just shrugged and threatened to delete MY Facebook account) I don’t know why my mother hates me so much, it’s like I owe the world to her. What did I ever do to her? She never cooks anything I like and just cooks my brother’s favourite that I don’t like/don’t know how to eat. I think I am suffering for depression because, at least once a day I would look at the knife and think about suiciding(also including the thoughts of my mum laughing and cackling at my funeral) and I would feel empty and hollow all day, shivering and scared of my own thoughts. I wither under her gaze and I go all clumsy. I don’t know what to think and I am so worried. Please help me? :c My dad’s always away and he does come home, my mother always bad mouths me to him. She acts so fake in front of everyone and is talks behind my friend’s while she worships my brother’s. No one knows about this, because she just sounds like a nice caring mum. None of my friends have the same problem so I have no one to talk to.

  7. DuckieM10 // May 28, 2013 at 08:22 // Reply

    Would you keep living if you had chronic depression and there was no way to treat it with medication, therapy, or any change in lifestyle/activities possible and you knew it?

  8. Or should I just get over him? I am beyond conflicted.

    Okay, so for starters, I’m a freshmen and he’s a senior, but he’s only three years older than me. I’ve seen him check me out a few times, and as flattering as it was, I didn’t start getting interested in him until I found him on facebook and saw that we had pretty similar interests, and he’s seriously funny. But he seems sad, which makes my feelings for him even more painful because I want to help. I’m recovering from depression (or should I say treating it?) and I’m really passionate about helping anyone who feels similarly. I want nothing more than to make him happy, even if that means just being his friend!

    Now here’s the complicated part. My senior friend used to smoke weed with him. He’s apparently a stoner and alcoholic, but he seems pretty harmless. Lazy, if anything. And sweet. He’s always walking with girls, and in my gym class he’s always waiting for the same one by the locker room so they can walk together. They’re not dating and I’ve been told she’s a sl-t, but I’ve got no right to judge. I still think he’s sweet for waiting.

    I’m in an anti-drug club, though. It’s almost hypocritical to be interested in him, and each time I’ve tried to get my friends to quit in the past they tell me i’m pushy and I end up losing them. I didn’t want to add him on facebook until we actually spoke, but how the hell can I make that happen? It’s already almost the middle of the school year, and so he won’t be here long. I don’t think I could bare wondering “what if?”. Advice? Please?

  9. apleaforbrandon // June 1, 2013 at 15:46 // Reply

    I am currently receiving sick pay, however I do not see an end to my illness in the imminent future. I am having to attend a lot of meetings with my manager/employer to ‘assist me back to work’ however there is nothing they can do to assist me back to work at the moment.

    I am only 24 and have recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I am following a heavy regime of physio and fatigue support groups etc. I have found that sitting for more than 1 hour in the same position aggravates my joints. In my current job I have to sit for 8 hours a day at a desk and am not active at all. The base of my spine has been heavily affected. I am experiencing severe depression also as I feel my independence at 24 has been snatched from me, and people just do not understand the pain/illness. I have had ‘friends’ from work contact me on facebook and saying nasty things like – are you just going to keep taking sick time? You can meet your friend for a coffee but can’t come to work?
    I feel the stress of being ’employed’ just now is leaving me at breaking point.

  10. I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m fully obsessed with my best friend well we aren’t really close anymore after I got a boyfriend I’ve liked him four months and I know the exact date of how long I’ve liked him, I stalk his Facebook and secretly hate the girl he’s married to on Facebook and am so jealous of the girl he likes and would do anything to look like her and be as pretty,skinny and funny and lovely as her. He just won’t like me..I’ve been trying for months. I know all the places he hangs out in school and I walk past several times I can’t help myself but whenever I do I get embarrassed and put my head down and my heart races I always hope he’ll say hi but we don’t talk in person which is awkward. I think I love him,he’s never off my mind, I can’t hold a relationship because he consumes all my thoughts,when I walk past him i can’t breathe and I took a panic attack once and had to run out of class and be calmed down by a teacher. I cry myself to sleep most nights I just want him to like me back so much it’s like my lifetime goal,I’ve got really bad depression and I just don’t think I can cope. All my friends know and they’re supportive but they hate him because of how he’s treated me (he used me long story) I just don’t know what to do. I’ve started extreme exercising trying to take my mind off things and maybe if I’m skinner he’d like me back?eugh I just need help I think I’m mental and need to be locked up tbh this is beyond a joke..

  11. sick_mick_101 // June 4, 2013 at 17:37 // Reply

    I don’t agree with this- I have had ( am on medication for) depression, and know one cannot help feeling terrible.
    The friend commented that it was ‘anger and self pity’ turned inward, and once you realise this and get over it- the depression will go away.
    I don’t believe it is as easy as this- but don’t want to criticise what my friend said.
    DO you agree?

  12. whitesoxfan2347 // June 5, 2013 at 09:33 // Reply

    She says i don’t make her happy anymore, i try to give her what she needs but after being fed up i told her to go find someone to make her happy and she said OK…. Why im angry? Ive given everything. When i did expressed my love and our intimacy was strong she cheated multiple times, with men. Not only cheated but lied and whooped MY A** when the s*** eventually hit the fan…. in front of all my neighbors smh. Not to mention the projection whenever she is caught flirting or cheating, the disrespect. So adamant about posting facebook pics of us together only to flirt and cheat with people on there. Disrespect. A huge self esteem killer i tell ya. But 2 years and 1000 apologies later i though maybe we could still do this thing. I was there for the baby. I treat him as my own even though he was concieved through infidelity. But i told her my heart still hurts. Its hard to be “wrapped” up in someone again when trust has not been completely rebuilt. She gets mad because i don’t want to have sex as much anymore. Claims what happened is in the past and isnt relevent to now. But i swear the affection, love, hell just being there through the hard times…being there for ALL her children ive given 100 percent. How dare she says im wrong and i need to make her happy. What about my feelings, what about my self esteem? I suffer severe depression but still hold it together and keep my mouth shut just so i can hold us together. She cant move on without having a back up plan which means after everything she has obviously found somone else. Im scared of what my emotions will do when these kolonopins run out. Any adivce please?
    I don’t want to sound like a dormat even though i am. She gets a mouthful from me on every issue where i feel disrespected. Its like screaming at a wall though. Ive made threats put my foot down tried to set boundaries but it all goes back to being my fault in the end…. Also k-pins mixed with booze and weed is the perfect “F*** it” medicine. At least for a couple hours. Idk…you both are right. Its just time to get myself together.

  13. arronwrath // June 7, 2013 at 13:15 // Reply

    So I’ve been reading articles about her death a while ago. They all say that she was depressed and taking pills for that and she overdosed with anxiety pills, depression pills and bipolar pills all in her system. They don’t say whether she did it on purpose or it was an accident and she was just trying to not feel depressed. They said that it was still on investigation about a year ago. I’m just curious. Her daughter would have been 2 years this month and that just makes it more sad and hard to believe that she would kill herself considering she had a daughter and husband to live for.

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