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Facebook new app, ‘Bang With Friends’ creates controversy

Facebook new app, ‘Bang With Friends’ creates controversy

A controversial new sex app called “Bang With Chums” claims to facilitate sexual encounters with customers and their Facebook Chums with out the embarrassment of rejection.

“Anonymously in finding Chums who’re down for the night,” the company website online said.

“Your Friends won’t ever understand you’re interested until they are too!”

The Bang With Pals app, aimed toward 20-somethings, Was created by means of three “faculty-aged” males from California, who’re withholding their identities, in step with US media reports.

The app only alerts users of a possible hookup if both events specific hobby with the aid of selecting what’s known as the “Right Down To Bang” button.

The creators of the app said it has already received greater than 30,000 customers, registering 5 new users every minute according to a document on the web tech web page Mashable.

Critics of “Bang With Pals” advised RIA Novosti, hanging the bodily first is the rationale for the dying of nearly all of marriages and relationships in america.

“Back in the days people would court, they might go out with different individuals with out exploring the sexual relationship because it allowed you to get to understand what you can also or would possibly not have in popular,” mentioned Kristen Crockett, a Washington-primarily based relationship teach.

And while some who use the app may be more enthusiastic about intercourse than building a relationship, Crockett cautions customers with the potential drawbacks of getting physical with a Fb friend.

“While You start snoozing with any individual, your red flags, your fears, all of these things get pushed into the Again of your thoughts,” she said.

She brought that steadily people ignore signals and indicators because of how the individual makes them feel bodily.

One Of The app’s creators advised The Daily Beast that the crew got here up with the theory so to support traditional on-line dating sites like Healthy.com.

“It Might be nice, as guys, if it is advisable to find out which ladies are actually into you and not dance round the rest,” he stated.

Skip the dating and soar straight to the intercourse, One Of The Crucial creators stated.

Crockett, who has authored a few e-book on developing lasting relationships, met her Present boyfriend of three years on eHarmony.com.


She mentioned the couple spent several weeks emailing and speaking on the telephone ahead of they met in person.

Crockett said she is a company believer in the usage of know-how to domesticate a relationship, but this app goes about it the unsuitable means.

“I Feel the app contributes to individuals going into a relationship and if truth be told relationship backwards,” Crocket mentioned.

“It Can Be the exception more than the rule of thumb that a relationship will remaining if it has begun with a physical come upon rather than emotional spark,” she introduced.

At The Moment the app most effective fits customers of the other intercourse.

“Beef Up for similar-intercourse choices is already under development,” the app’s creators instructed Mashable.




8 Comments to “Facebook new app, ‘Bang With Friends’ creates controversy”

  1. andresumoza // April 20, 2013 at 19:26 // Reply

    My boy friend knows my email(Hotmail) password and facebook password. After we brokeup, he changed the passwords of both and updating nasty things in facebook which tanishes my name. How can i close this facebook account and hotmail account?

  2. NC Baller // April 20, 2013 at 23:56 // Reply

    There are many Facebook applications for the Mac on the Mac App Store, many paid apps and some free ones.

    Wondering which one is the best to use:
    Facetab Pro?
    Desktop Facebook?

  3. Will it alert contacts that I have Facebook? Or will it just give me a list of my phone contacts who have Facebook? I ask this because I want to find the profile of an old friend, but don’t want other contacts to be alerted that I have Facebook, for obvious reasons like no one really uses it anymore. So will it alert them?

  4. Courtney // May 26, 2013 at 17:06 // Reply

    Ok, I’ve seen several new groups and/or pages talking about Facebook charging money to use it next month.
    Is this true?
    Why are they doing this?
    Why haven’t I gotten anything official from the Facebook people saying this?

  5. I want to send my Facebook statuses to twitter but not the other way around. That is, I do not want my tweets going to my Facebook account but I want my Facebook statuses going to my twitter. Any help? Thanks.

  6. lildevilgurl152004 // May 31, 2013 at 14:47 // Reply

    Many users have the facebook logo in their avatars. Is that avatar coming from facebook and is Yahoo allowing people to display the copyrighted facebook logo?

  7. Sophia C // June 3, 2013 at 16:16 // Reply

    For some reason my facebook does not transfer my chat messages to my inbox as most peoples facebooks do. How do i get my facebook to update and make this switch?

  8. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag // June 8, 2013 at 23:19 // Reply

    I know that Facebook got a new layout for the profile pages. How do you change it so I have the new layout?

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