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Facebook Rejecting Your Ads? Here’s Why

Facebook Rejecting Your Ads? Here’s Why

Reject pattern on yellow card hold by business man.For Those Who’re a marketer who has marketed your goods or services on Facebook, likelihood is you’ve had as a minimum one rejected – which appears to be very common!  There Are Many reasons the social media giant rejects Commercials which can be quite evident, but now and again your Ad gets rejected, and you have no thought why.  Don’t despair!

First off, ALWAYS adhere to the rules and make every effort to maintain your account in excellent standing.  Other Than that, listed below are probably the most causes your Advert could also be getting rejected.  Preserve this list at hand, so the subsequent time you create Facebook Advertisements you’ll have it to seek advice from – and decrease the odds your Ad can be rejected.

  1. Target the target audience you want to achieve; finally, you’re spending money, so zero in on those you want your Advert to reach.  Inappropriate targeting will get your Ad rejected.
  2. Incorrect grammar – it’s Now Not what you think!  Capitalizing every Phrase in your Advert will result in rejection, as a result of it’s going to offer you an unfair advantage over competitors.
  3. Unacceptable language.  Profanity, content that’s sexual or degrading in nature, derogatory – simply don’t do it.
  4. Your Advertisements should be skilled, this means that The Use Of complete sentences.  Be Aware Of spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.  Now Not only will it lend a hand get your Ads licensed, your audience will see you in a extra professional gentle.
  5. Destination Urls – Ever cloak your links, or direct Commercials to Word paperwork, PowerPoint, or downloads akin to PDF files?  That Is one of the best ways to head from “account in excellent standing” to “account terminated” in 8 seconds or less.  The Guidelines for URL destinations are express, so send all customers to the identical landing page, and ensure these locations are not pop-usaor faux shut habits.  Additionally, the textual content should make known to the user that you are linking to iTunes, if if truth be told your Ad does link to the website online.
  6. Advert text that’s inaccurate.  Does your Ad certainly state your company’s name, provide, or product?  Be Certain That it does, otherwise are expecting rejection.
  7. Words that SCREAM – you bought it, entire Words in all caps.  Nothing’s extra of a turn off than an Ad that screams to your target market, is it?  Facebook has the same opinion – when your Advert looks as if junk mail, it won’t be efficient; but you truly don’t have to fret, it is going to most likely be rejected anyway.
  8. Substituting numbers and symbols for Words.  In a global where Using all types of symbols, numbers, and abbreviations seems the “norm” (suppose texting and Twitter), it simply doesn’t fly with Fb.  Use actual Phrases (Now Not “Four″ for the Phrase “for”), and complete sentences.  A Lot Of These Ads make Fb’s set off finger twitch!
  9. Using Pictures which are irrelevant to your Advert.  Images should be smooth, and relevant to your Ad.  Essentially, Fb needs to maintain the setting a enjoyable and safe position for customers – so keep away from beside the point Images designed completely for the purpose of outrage value.
  10. And that brings us to . . . offers and reductions that are deceptive.  When your Ad claims a particular offer or discount, This Is what the user will have to find upon arriving at the touchdown web page.  Having users land on a page that is absolutely completely different from what the Ad claims is a perfect option to No Longer most effective get your Advert tossed, but utterly lose your account.  To Not point out being a trickster is a good way to tarnish your on-line reputation.

In Case Your Commercials often get rejected on Facebook, imagine whether you may be committing one of the most “Fb sins” above.  Practice the rules and Maintain the above in thoughts, and who knows?  You May Have experienced your ultimate Advert rejection.




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