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Facebook reunites women with her biological parents!

Facebook reunites women with her biological parents!

Social media always are likely to shock us. Today it has this type of incedible power , we won’t underestimate it. Similar happened with a girls who was looking for her organic parents and was fortunate to search out them after posting a picture of herself on Fb. On Jan. 27, Jenessa Simons shared a photo of herself preserving a handwritten sign along with her beginning data.

FB photo of simon

FB photo of Simon

Two days later, her start mom reached out to her.

It’s A long story how simon used to be finaly READY to pay money for her real parents and that two from social networking site. Simons’ search started when she used to be only 18 12 months old but after attempting out all that you can think of methods She finaly made up our minds to check out her luck on Facebook after seeing the success of posters which generated 1 million likes for a puppy.

Her photograph posted on Fb has all information related to her birthday, health facility, parents’ dates of delivery and contact data. They were 16 at the time, and they named her Whitney. The Picture spread quickly, with greater than 14,000 likes and One Hundred Sixty,763 shares and was once growing day by day.

On Tuesday, Simons introduced on Fb that she discovered her start mother and, later, contact knowledge for her delivery father. A highschool good friend of the 2 contacted Simons’ biological mom, who obtained involved with the 21-yr-outdated.

There are a large number of pages on Facebook geared towards those looking for their beginning parents, and Simons hopes others will use the social community to reconnect with loved ones. In her put up on Wednesday, she thanked individuals who shared her photograph and story:
Picture courtesy of Fb, Jenessa Simons and supply of story is MASHABLE!




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  1. Christopher J // April 22, 2013 at 15:42 // Reply

    my 23 year old boyfriend was adopted by two people who he claimed didn’t understand him, after I got to know them after 6 years of us being together I noticed that they werent mean or vindictive, he was a very troubled youngster and they did all they could to help him yet I can see how much they love him, they did everything true sacrificing parents would for their kids, seeing how he blame a lot of his troubles on being adopted, as his girlfriend I seeked out he’s birth father with the help of no one and found him in 2007, they got to know each other but it wasn’t anything fatherly and strong besides he was grown and his father had his own family to look after, in the mean time my boyfriend and I had a beautiful baby boy together everything seem ok when I noticed he still wondered about his birth mother and that pained him, so with my searching skills I look for her on facebook went in her school alumni profile and found one of her friends who had her contact me that way I was able to find her. I can say that as soon as they talked and met that i’ve never seen my boyfriend this happy so I thought finally everything was looking out not only for him but for our son and we could everything pass us and now he now know like he said his true identity. the birth mother has her own family and was very welcoming to him and our family, on the day that my son was turning 2 the adoptive mother came over to drop my son’s present off to tell me that her son (my boyfriend) has abandoned her and their family and it hurt her a lot and she cried. I guess in my hurry to try to give the father of my son peace and comfort I forgot what it would do to his adoptive parents, and now I feel that God is punishing me for it. Now he moved out of the state and left his only son to move in and live with his biological mother because he never had 2 real parents to raise him like I have he stated to me once and that he is making a sacrifice and that someday our son will understand. I am so confuse… My mother explained to me that it’s just an honeymoon stage and if he abandoned the woman who cared and loved him for 22 years he will do the same to anyone and that he is an ungreatful person who only cares about himself and soon the husband of the birth mother won’t be so ok with this, I feel like I have destroy 3 families, the adoptive parents, the biological parents family and all the same I have destroyed mine.it’s been almost 6 months since he lives there and He barely sees his son, I’m a strong mother and I’m there for my son but the other day he called me from his biological mother’s house in Idaho to let me know that he’s going to take our 2yr old son to california on a 16 hours drive to see his birth father’s family in Sandiego and will be back in 4 days and this will be a custom for the years to come, I really feel this is carma eating at me, I have physical custody of my son and although I would love him to have a great special time with his dad which he hasn’t had in 6 long months but I don’t know the biological fathers’ family and California is so far away and I would never see my child and be there to protect him when he needs me most. I’m angry and outraged that he dare think just because he can leave the parents who cared for him for 22 years that he can take my little boy away…any advice pleaaaase?
    I do support him with getting closer to his mother but leaving his son and not taking care of his fatherly responsibilities at all to get his own life satisfaction just doesn’t seem like a noble deed, maybe to some… I can move on and date a new man but my son is still left without a father who only calls him unless I beg that he talks to him. I think it is best that I fill out these court papers because no matter how much I want him to be in my son’s life It’s not worth the pain to see in my lil boy’s eyes. one thing I know for sure is you don’t have to be blood to be called someone’s father or mother u should be greatful that someone took care of you when someone else threw you away…

  2. How to treat your Facebook account after you die in a couple of years? What will happen to your Facebook account after you die in a couple of years?

  3. I only have 100 fans on my facebook fanpage and the likes grow slowly.How to get more facebook likes and fans fast?Thanks.

  4. Is there really a difference between Facebook Fan pages and ordinary Facebook profiles? I constantly hear about Facebook “fan pages”, but there are no references to the “Fan Page” on Facebook’s site. However, there is the option to ad a page. Is this considered the “Fan Page” everyone’s talking about? But there are several options. Are they all “Fan Pages” ?

  5. Jeffery Carlson // May 29, 2013 at 06:04 // Reply

    My facebook isn’t in my twitter connections, I already tried that.

  6. I know at one point Facebook stored all of your phone contacts, but I can’t figure out how to access them since they changed Facebook (again!). I have some people stored in my phone who I want to look up by their phone number to see if they’re on Facebook. Thanks in advance!

  7. I want to hide my facebook profile picture from everybody except the friends who are in my friends list. In short, I want to hide it from friend of friends and all others. I want to hide my profile picture from those also who search even outside facebook . I want to make it visible to only FRIENDS who are in my friends list in facebook. Is it possible ?

  8. PillowMan1234 // June 9, 2013 at 09:04 // Reply

    Two friends facebook profiles have been not showing up on facebook recently.I have noticed on past messages from these friends that their profile picture has also changed to a shadow.They are missing from all facebook searches and on mutual friends lists.Are their profiles “deactivated”? When a profile is deactivated does it mean its gone from facebook for good? Thanks in advance!

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