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Filipinos worried about 'bullet-planting' shrink wrap their bags with warning notes

Filipinos worried about 'bullet-planting' shrink wrap their bags with warning notes

Some Of The notes affixed to a passenger’s wrapped baggage.

Picture: @626ina on Instagram

2015-11-07 04:38:51 UTC

MANILA — Filipino travelers gripped By Way Of a “bullet-planting” scheme at one among its busiest airports are combatting it with DIY measures, from shrink wrapping to sticking warning notes on their luggage addressed to security officers.

In latest weeks, stories got here to gentle of people getting arrested over bullets found out in their luggage at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). They alleged that they’d no information of the bullets, but safety personnel requested for them to pay a fantastic — or face legal fees for possessing firearms.

With reports coming from both international and native vacationers, Filipinos are seeking to prevent themselves from falling prey to imaginable bullet-planting — or “laglag bala” — on occasion to dramatic impact. Along With wrapping, they may be also including notes.

Some try intimidation:

Others have opted for extra of an emotional appeal. This individual writes that he loves his domestic, he is not dumb, and there aren’t any bullets in his bag:

This message addresses the bullet planters By Way Of the media identify of their rip-off, “laglag bala,” prior to occurring to argue that they will have to really feel for the people who very nearly work themselves to death to be able to keep afloat:

Different travelers are going with a thick mixture of tape, plastic, cellophane and Different materials so that you can make their luggage “bulletproof”:

Though it takes really extensive effort to wrap your entire luggage in a makeshift shield of tape and plastic, many travelers feel like doing so is the only cheap way that they can Protect themselves.

All these efforts, However, may only be creating a false experience of safety for vacationers. A bullet was not too long ago found in the luggage of a 65-yr-old woman, who had long past to great lengths to secure her belongings, together with wrapping her son’s bag in plastic and securing her personal with a padlock.

Alternatively, she had unnoticed to protect her bag’s outdoor pocket, which is the place the bullet was found, suggesting that there is little in cease a decided scammer.

NAIA has a plastic wrapping station, which offers its products and services at P160 ($3.40) per bag. It has considered a surge in industry since information of the scam broke.

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