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Flic is a smart, wireless button that lets you play music, make calls, order pizza

Flic is a smart, wireless button that lets you play music, make calls, order pizza

Apparently tapping screens of more than a few sorts and sizes is changing into too laborious for the human race, so we wish to revert to tactile buttons to make it even more straightforward to perform everyday duties. That’s the proposition of the Flic, a sensible button that may be set up to do just about anything (is fairly) you need to do on a everyday basis – from snapping images, to making calls, to playing track, to slumbering your alarm, and beyond.

In The Beginning glance, the Flic is a delicate, exceptional-having a look button that sticks to quite a lot of surfaces. Alternatively, once a user units up capabilities for their Flic by the use of the accompanying app, the true energy of the good button shines thru. Each And Every Flic can execute three moves – one by means of clicking, some other through double-clicking and yet every other via conserving.

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There Are A Lot Of attainable use cases for the Flic – for example, it can be used to regulate good options on your residence (e.g., lighting, device power, unlocking doorways), can help you discover a misplaced Phone or use speed dial to contact a family member (or your favorite pizza joint).


The smart button uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to an iPhone (4S and later), iPad (1/3 technology and later) or Android instrument (Four.3 and later), and works as much as A Hundred And Fifty feet away from its paired instrument. One Flic button can last as long as 60,000 clicks or about 5 years, according to the Swedish workforce behind the software. It uses usual button cells, which can also be changed.

The Flic, which is smaller than 1 / 4, is housed in a silicon mould and may face up to outside environments and mud. It also comes with a reusable double-sided adhesive, which can also be cleaned every time it will get dirty.

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The button will retail for roughly $ 35, though backers of the crowdfunding marketing campaign can get some at a cut price. There’s also a $ 10 Flic Clip, which turns the sensible button right into a wearable device.

The Flic’s Indiegogo campaign, which closes on Jan. 3, has raised more than $ 420,000, catapulting prior its original $ 80,000 goal. Shipments are scheduled to start in March.

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