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G-Technology Evolution Drive Will Make Photography An Amazing Experience For You

G-Technology Evolution Drive Will Make Photography An Amazing Experience For You

G-Know-how’s hard drives have change into the primary love of Photographers and video mavens. They may argue about its amazing performance, as the rationale of their desire but actually it seems like Apple’s Mac Professional Laptop which makes it so unique.

G-Tech has particularly been designed to make use of Thunderbolt connector which is excessive velocity connector utilized in all of the Mac computers on account that 2011. Its setup lets in it to switch knowledge at about 1 gigabyte per 2d but the bodily limits allow an ordinary laborious-disk  just One Hundred Fifty megabytes per 2d, which doesn’t let it use the bandwidth utterly.

Which You Could cleverly use it with the help of a couple of drives. There’s one G-Dock ev in the system having two modular drives. Via a high-throughput SATA interface which has a USB 3.0 port for use for my part, every G-Force ev connects to the dock. For doubling the rate of drives, That You May connect them together.

Though it’s no longer much like Thunderbolt but G-Tech has G-Force ev Plus, a larger Pressure with two disks Providing a web transfer pace of 500 GBps.

G-Tech says that this new product is a representation of firm’s new storage system “ecosystem” for experts and enthusiasts. Offering packaging of dick to the high velocity drives, SSD modules and extra connectivity are the presumed enhancements of the company.

Although Evolution drives are bit dear but You’ll for sure get your value for money or return on your funding. You’re Going To merely fall in love with the product because of its excessive pace and design of its drives.




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  1. I currently have 3 e-mail accounts. I am unable to sync all my contacts to my I-Pad, Droid mobile phone , Mac Pro, and Personal Desktop. I have reviewed the Yahoo instructions, but they do notwork for me.

  2. I am planning on buying a Mac Pro desktop computer because I am starting a Graphic Design career. I realize that hard drive-wise, I will probably need their biggest just to be able to hold all the software. What about everything else? I’ve always used a PC, so this is my first time getting a Mac.

  3. I have been searching for a good computer to use a recording software such as Pro tools, Logic, or Sonar Lab, Im also using FL Studio.

    I know that the Mac Pro is the ideal computer but I am looking for something a bit less expensive. Is the Mac G5 or Mac mini any good for those programs?

    Also is there any PC that is equally capable as the Mac?

  4. So I have had my mac desktop since 2007 and can barely afford to fix it or by a new one. I am not sure what model it is, but it looks like this: http://img.tomshardware.com/us/2007/09/06/should_you_buy_a_new_mac_mini_imac_or_mac_pro/apple_desktops_06.jpg

    Not to long ago, it started getting multi-coloured lines vertically down the screen. Then out of no where, a huge black bar came and cut off part of my screen to the right of my computer. Now it repeats the screen before it. So today I went on Safari and the duplicated part on the right of the black bar started flickering. Also some parts of my screen are lighter than others. I have done some research and they say it is my screen cable that has come loose.

    Please help!
    Can someone please give a step by step?

  5. I’m just wondering because the Mac Pro, even though it seems like it may give a good performance, it looks really overpriced. I don’t want to pay around $1600 dollars if there is a cheaper equivalent. And also could you please tell me the price, the specs and the brand of the equivalent. BTW, I’m not talking about the Macbook Pro laptop, I’m taking about the desktop.

  6. How can I allocate more than 1 GB of memory on Parallels Desktop? It won’t let me go more than 1 GB. It is locked at 1 GB. I have 8 GBs on my Mac Pro and I wanted to allocate around 4 GBs for Windows 7. 1 GB is too slow for running games and boot camp won’t work. Thanks

  7. I wish to access files on my Mac Book Pro from another IP, maybe from another country.
    I’ll leave my computer on and I want to access files on my Mac and read/write access to all files.
    Is there a way to set up an FTP on my Mac and must I change anything from my router?

  8. I just made the switch to a Mac Laptop Pro from a desktop PC. I want to manage my files and I am curious to know what the program is that allows you to see your computer and file locations that same way Windows Explorer does for Windows/PC computers.

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