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Gangnam Style video earns $8 millions for YouTube : Google

Gangnam Style video earns  $8 millions for YouTube : Google

Gangnam Model video has turn out to be the primary video on Utube to breakdown billion views on Youtube making it a historic record. Google has mentioned that the YouTube sheet exhibiting the video Gangnam Type with the aid of a rapper who’s South Korean named Psy has reap about $Eight millions within the ad income.

Nikesh Arora , Google’s Chief exchange Officer has printed this figure while discussing money making potential of the YouTube right through a quarterly retribution call together with the financial analysts.

In month December, video Gangnam Style has changed into the first video to breakdown billion views on the YouTube. Counter on the YouTube exhibit that this video is been watched by using about 1.23 billions time considering the fact that july when it was uploaded closing yr.

Kevin Allocca,trend manager of YouTube, credited success of Psy as the common demand for catchy track and great dance moves. Gangnam is approximated to earn the rapper of millions further from the digital downloads, demand products and services or advertising deals.

This song refers to a stylish Seoul district , which spawn a tribute to the video industry, absolute with the copycats. The Unique famous person whose exact name Park Jae-Sang has won the adoration at his mom united states of america for this universal hit and is awarded as one the South Korea’s uppermost enriching honor, Okgwan Order for Cultural Benefit.




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